Do I like a boyfriend?

Vladislav Meriin
Vladislav Meriin
March 13, 2013
Do I like a boyfriend?

Girls - nature amorous and emotional. They sympathize with many guys, love the attention and interest to themselves. Often, flirting with different guys, you can get confused about who you are really interested in. Do I like a boyfriend? - surely you have repeatedly asked such a question. You can determine this thanks to the following signs.

Signs of sympathy

You always think about a guy

Every minute all your thoughts are directed at the object of your adoration. While studying, working, in the company of friends or at home, you cannot even think about anything else as soon as you do. And in principle, you are not interested in anything more than the thought of a guy. All dreams and plans are associated only with him, and without him, life seems meaningless.

You update his page in social networks

In social networks, you just do what you view his profile. Constantly read the history of correspondence, "like" photos and have long learned to remember all of its status. And each of your status is certainly devoted to him.You are just waiting for him to pay attention to you, write or comment on a new photo, which you, naturally, laid out for him!

You are addicted to talking to him.

When communicating with a guy, you get lost, you blush and you start to carry a different stuff that is alien to you. Although the communication itself you expect as the eighth wonder of the world. Each meeting with him is for you a holiday and a whirlwind of emotions. Outside of his presence, you feel depressed. And when you meet him, you want to be as close as possible. You want to know where he spends time, and you dream to spend it with him. You feel bad when he's not around. And your only secret desire is to be with him every second of your time.

You do not notice his shortcomings

You are ready to throw his compliments and the best words. To praise his merits, completely forgetting that he may have flaws. For you, he is the ideal. You can and understand that you are mistaken, but you are so happy! He is the best and come what may! You don't care what people think, the main thing is that you are together!

You are drawn to romance

Do I like a boyfriend? Each girl has romantic dreams and experiences. But, thinking of any romantic trifles, you will certainly connect them with him and only with him.It is a specific guy - the subject of your imaginable and unimaginable desires, dreams and everything that your imagination is capable of. Lovely dates under the moon, walks in the evenings - you wish to share all this with him, and only with him. Remember that you should not get too hung up on the object of your attachment, so as not to destroy yourself. Let the guy take the first step himself.

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