ДНП "Можайское раздолье": description, photos and reviews

Today, many citizens of our country, and Muscovitesin particular, they dream of building their own house to leave concrete or brick cells in huge public hives for the sensation of air, space and closeness to nature. They are looking for advertisements of this type: "Land for sale in DNP" Mozhayskoye expanse ", so many hundreds, such and such quality, with such and such an infrastructure," - and then act on the circumstances. However, in order to start buying a house or land, you need to get and process a lot of information. This article may help in its search.



After seeing the announcement of the sale of the site, a largepart of the population will try to guess what the letters that stand before the name "Mozhaiskoye expanse" mean. By the way, there are a lot of such abbreviations, and it is absolutely necessary to be guided in them. These can be letters LPH, SNT, IZHS, DNT. Those who did not study the question immediately decided that IZHS - the coolest option, DNT - probably dachas, LPH - it's something farmer, and SNT - horticultural partnership. But do not even guess after deciphering the abbreviations. The names only indicate the intended purpose of the construction. The appointment will indicate all the shortcomings, dignities and characteristics of each type of land acquired by the population.

First of all, for the land should be indicatedcategory. If you are interested in your own house and its construction, then only lands of settlements and agricultural purpose will do. In addition, each category of these two should be marked with respect to permitted uses. That's what the aforementioned abbreviations say about this. For example, SNT and DNP can be located on the land of agricultural significance, IZHS - purely on the land of settlements, but LPH - anywhere. First of all, we decipher:

  • DNP is a dacha non-commercial partnership.
  • IZHS - individual housing construction.
  • LPH is a personal subsidiary farm.
  • DNT is a country non-profit partnership.
  • SNT is a garden non-profit partnership.

Hence, "Mozhaiskoye expanse" refers, rather, to partnership. Nevertheless, it is desirable to know the differences from other types of land to be sure of the rightness of their choice.

dnp Mozhaiskoye expanse


Individual housing constructionbelongs to the palm tree of the number of purchases, even "Mozhaiskoye expanse" is not selling so well. IZHS - initially understandable in terms of legal form of purchase, and therefore attractive. First, there is a specific address, which means that there will be no problems with registration in your home. People who do not have a registration in a modern Russia are problematic to live, and they will not accept a job. In addition, mail can come to the address: letters, parcels, newspapers, orders from the Internet and so on. It is also easy to use the address to call the ambulance, firefighters - to invite specialists to the dacha is expensive, this will pour out to the needy a tidy sum. Land IZHS - municipal, so the infrastructure must be simply: roads that are cleaned in winter, schools, transportation, shops and hospitals.

However, not everything in IHL benefits compared to DNP"Mozhaiskoye expanse." First of all, a huge minus is the limitation of the size of the plot by the number of hundred. The house, which was dreamed of many nights, will not be the same as in the dreams, because it is necessary to coordinate the project with the rules of GOST and SNIP. In addition, the requirement of an indispensable and full commissioning of the house will be presented. Well, and most importantly: the taxation will be very different. For example, in the Mozhayskoye Zdolye NGP, the property tax is only 0.3% of the cadastral value, but in the IZhS - a whole and a half percent.

country estate


Between the types of these sites the difference is small. For SNT, more fertile soil is assumed than, say, DNP. But at the same time, the cadastral value, which "Mozhayskoe expanse" has (a holiday village), is lower, because all non-commercial partnerships - with a lower score of bonitet. Even if all the basic conditions are the same, then any section of SNT will cost more. Destination is the same - the garden and the cottage. But we must admit that it has recently become much broader. Like most cottage construction, "Mozhaiskoye expanse" - a holiday village intended for living. Only here the house in it will cost less!

Register in the SNT, DNP and DNT is also quiteperhaps, unless it does not happen by itself, as in IZHS. It will be necessary to conduct an examination to recognize the structure of the relevant regulations, and then seek recognition of the right to register in court. Although this is a formality, it is obligatory. But people do not care where they are. "Mozhayskoye expanse" is worth it for the right to reside there a little fight and still get state registration. It is not so easy to spend communication in a holiday village - the differences in legislative consumer standards for living and for recreation are interfering. But "Mozhaiskoye expanse" - a cottage village with amenities. The local residents will have roads, gas, water and electricity of sufficient capacity: the administrative barriers have already been overcome.

The hidden cost

Ready houses in SNT, DNP and DNT are usually sold atsimilar conditions, where it is indicated that the price includes the site. To have electricity and roads, you need a targeted contribution. The timing for gas connection is usually not guaranteed and even weakly defined. Water pipes are mostly made by residents themselves. Thus, the rise in the cost of the site will necessarily happen at least four hundred thousand rubles without taking into account the water supply and gas. However, Mozhayskoe razdolye offers quite another. The price policy is entirely focused on the buyer.

Here, the master plan provideselectricity for each section (voltage 380 V and power 10 kW), as well as mandatory central water and sewage. The gas distribution substation is also in the plan of the cottage settlement "Mozhayskoe razdolye". The characteristics of the plots are such that there are hardly any people who do not like it here. Equipped with a garbage collection platform. Around the village - a fence around the perimeter and the checkpoint at each entrance with round the clock security and the ability to call a rapid response team. The roads inside the village are sand and gravel. There are sports and children's playgrounds, ponds for swimming and fishing, and mangal areas on the beach.

where is the Mozhaisk expanse

Indisputable pluses and caution

A person who buys land in a holiday village,will never be left alone with their problems: there will be like-minded people who will also "raise virgin soil". Neighbors will certainly belong to the same social stratum, that is, none of them will build a palace with columns and a helipad on the roof: everyone will have roughly equal financial possibilities and similar requests to the landscape, which can be solved together.

Nevertheless, each person is peculiarsecret desire to belong to a certain layer and to feel a certain chosenness: shacks and huts will not build "Mozhaiskoye expanse." Characteristics of buildings provide for individual wishes of residents. Convenience is that the technical requirements for communication do not have to be done on their own - this, by the way, is cheaper than stretching a pipe alone or buying and installing a gas distribution point or a transformer substation. All these worries are divided between neighbors, participants in the construction.


Details accompanying almost every purchaseland and real estate, sometimes able to spoil all previous dreams. The owner must know exactly what belongs specifically to him, that is in the joint ownership of the participants of the NPD, and what will remain in the property of the seller. First of all, these are public lands - driveways and so on. Most often they remain under the jurisdiction of the original owner of the land. The most interesting is that, most likely, it will remain so: either the common-use land with the general infrastructure belongs to the seller, or it is transferred to the DNP or some management company. Most often, the owner will not only sell the land, but will also manage the entire complex further. This will mean that all of the above-mentioned grace - a children's and sports town, roads and even ponds with fish - will remain in its charge.

After all, the owner does not just want to sell the land -probably, he also wants to manage this complex in the future. Hence, the access roads and all other public lands (for example, a common children's town or a pond with carp, a barrier that blocks entry into the village, video surveillance systems) remain in its ownership. Neither roads, nor infrastructure, nor pipes, cables and wires will under any circumstances become the property of a private individual who bought a site in the Mozhayskoye Razdolye NGO, the characteristics of the plots for that bail, and this must be known from the very beginning. The point is that each site is acquired in close relationship with a common infrastructure system built on joint funds, and all further time will be used together too.

pricing policy


It is necessary to know what to isolate from the communityis impossible. Any formation of this kind (DNT, DNP or whatever else) necessarily guides its members, which means that all its rules must be fully accepted. Means, and financial, too. Accordingly, before buying it is necessary to evaluate objectively not only your desires and possibilities, but also to compare it with the hopes and expectations of your neighbors and other owners. Plus, you need to soberly assess all the opportunities in general, which has DNP "Mozhaiskoye expanse." The characteristics of the village are simply beautiful, but this does not mean that there will be no difficulties on the way to the new house. The decision to purchase must be weighed, the documents are thoroughly studied, and further life, that is, free time and free finances - is strictly regulated.

The decision to purchase a site is almost the samedifficult, like marriage. It's just as long-term relationship, at least. The union will necessarily be created, and it will not be possible to abstract from it. After acquiring a site, a person will comply with the laws of this partnership, even if he has not joined the ranks. This means that the financial costs, if for that is the resolution of the general meeting, will have to be shared all equally. You can, of course, find among as many neighbors as possible and punch or veto any decisions, but this is very troublesome and does not always bring the desired result. If the relations with neighbors in the village become strained, there are only two ways out: to reconcile with all the conditions and financial burdens or to part forever, that is, to sell your dream house in the Mozhayskoye Expenditure.

Mozhayskoye expanse of the characteristics of buildings


Twenty kilometers from the city of Mozhaisk,near the villages of Denisievo and Shalikovo, on the edge of the forest there is an object of lust for many Muscovites, not indigenous ones in particular. From MKAD this place is located at a distance of seventy-five kilometers along the Mozhaysky or Minsk highways. This is the DNP "Mozhaiskoye expanse". Photos show how beautiful the nature is. On the territory there are 193 different land plots - from nine to twenty two hundred square meters. You can choose a piece of land with its own exit to the forest, or you can - in the field, to the water, to the shore of the canal.

The cost of each plot is also not the same, the pricevaries from twenty to forty-five thousand rubles per one hundred square meters. In the village you can live year-round, such is the transport accessibility. Beautiful ecology and the proximity of "big water" - two reservoirs are less than twenty kilometers away, huge forest tracts with mushrooms and berries - all this best describes "Mozhaiskoye expanse". Comments on the construction already appear on the relevant information resources, they often note positive points: emerging infrastructure elements, electricity networks, roads improvement, winter water supply.


Transport accessibility, judging by the reviews, is simpleexcellent. Not only is there a year-round convenient asphalt access to the cottage community, so there is also the opportunity to visit the workplace in Moscow, getting every day on public transport. The high-speed highway Minskskoe highway eight hundred meters from the checkpoint, and this is a highway of European level, in addition, an eight-minute walk from the village - the station "Shalikovo", where no traffic jams independent electric trains in the morning they drive to Moscow and bring back in the evening to in the bosom of nature you could relax from the hustle and bustle of the day.

In addition, you can work in Mozhaisk - histhe infrastructure is quite developed. Moreover, the NGO "Mozhayskoye expanse" due to the proximity of this city will not feel isolated from civilization, because this closeness gives you the opportunity to get qualified medical or other help in time, to use any social objects, as well as cultural ones, because the city is old, with a glorious history, and very beautiful. There are hospitals, shops, institutes, banks, huge shopping and entertainment centers, cinemas and amazingly atmospheric museums.

Mozhaiskoye expanse of land characteristics


Here you can buy not only an empty lot (withoutcontract), but also at the request of the buyer to build a house on an individual project at a convenient time for it. Recently, the owner was changed to DNP. They became the bank "Absolute". "Mozhaiskoye expanse" still offers land. The status of the sites is the same: the category of land allocation is agricultural, that is, any kind of country construction is allowed, but there are types and that the status will change, and this will be IZHS (individual housing construction), with the corresponding advantages of the registration type and minuses - taxation. However, the right to erect a dwelling house is already. Each section of DNP "Mozhaiskoye Razdolye" is equipped with a cadastral passport and a Certificate of State Registration of Ownership. With the purchase of land, a sales contract is drawn up, and after a short (twenty-one day) time, the rights to the plot will be confirmed by the receipt of the relevant certificate.

The infrastructure of the village is quite worthy of a detailed listing.

  • On the perimeter of the village there is a fence, there is year-round protection of the whole territory.
  • Guest parking by the office building.
  • A site for construction waste and household garbage.
  • Grocery store and gas distribution substation.
  • Rest zones in the forest area and on the canals.
  • Children playground.
  • Playground for adults.
  • Electrification.
  • Highway.


That's almost all about DNP "Mozhaiskoye expanse." The area of ​​the village is as much as seventy and a half hectares, and therefore all sites are different - for every taste. It is necessary to watch closely those that are in the lowlands, since a high rise in groundwater is possible, if the river flowing through the territory does not cope with seasonal increases in the level. The entire Mozhaysky district, and in particular the location of DNP, is not considered industrial in the Moscow region. Here, clean air and clear water, a rich forest and meadow motley grass. There are no operating enterprises near the cottage community and no landfill. The standard of living from this point of view is very favorable, which is confirmed by numerous reviews.

Even the nearest highways are from the CPR prettyfar - at a distance of 750-800 meters, and the railway is separated from the village by a broad forest. The place, however, is flat. But from the strong wind the village is protected by coniferous forests. On any transport, including public transport, you can drive to the reservoirs - both Ruzsky and Mozhaisk. Walk on foot (about a kilometer) to the village of Shalikovo, where there are a variety of shops. In five kilometers - the village of Sputnik, where a school, a kindergarten, various shops operate. The dacha settlement "Mozhaiskoye expanse" is a fertile land for the future garden, a cozy house, which was dreamed of, and a maximum of an hour and a half to the center of Moscow by rail.

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