Dishes from chicken gizzards: recipes

Chicken giblets have been eaten since ancient times. The heart, liver, and stomachs of this poultry are healthy, tasty, and fairly cheap food, although not everyone likes them because of the specific flavor that arises in the process of cooking. Chicken stomachs (dishes from them) were highly valued in medicine as well as medicinal ingredients. In the Chinese tradition, for example, they were used as a means to increase potency (in dried and grated form), as drugs for treating the stomach and pancreas.

dishes from chicken gizzards


So still popularly called chicken ventricles. They are a diverse layer of muscle. So the dishes from chicken stomachs need to be thoroughly boiled, stewed, baked. So, young offal boils for up to forty minutes, and older ones - over an hour. Still, they sometimes get harsh to the taste.

Perishable product

Chicken ventricles are not subject to long-term storage (maximum two to three days). Therefore, when buying it is advised to pay attention to the date of packaging and final sale.At this time, "navels" can be bought in almost all supermarkets and specialized meat stores. They are sold, as a rule, in an already purified form, but it will not be superfluous to inspect them once again for the presence of film, bile, fat and sand. All this, if left, will spoil the taste of chicken dishes.

dishes from chicken stomachs

Calorie, good and harm

This product is traditionally considered to be a low-calorie source of animal protein. Therefore, it is allowed to use it in various diets. By the way, "navels" are also used in the preparation of some cheeses (chicken pepsin is used from processed stomachs, used instead of rennet). The composition of this product is useful for the human body: potassium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, folic acid, various vitamins. It is low in carbohydrates and fats. Dishes from chicken gizzards (especially braised) are used to strengthen hair, nails, as well as to acquire healthy complexion.

Due to the fairly high cholesterol content, dishes from chicken gizzards are not recommended for people suffering from heart and blood diseases, as well as gout and diabetes, high cholesterol in the blood.

Cooking methods

These universal by-products can be fried, boiled, stewed, baked, combined with many components: vegetables, pasta, mushrooms, other giblets and even fruits. "Navels" can be submitted whole, can be cut in pieces or in half. The most popular way is extinguishing. With it, the stomachs are especially soft and juicy. The most commonly used dishes from chicken stomachs are broths in combination with these by-products. Stews, salads, goulash are also prepared. So, we turn, finally, to recipes.

chicken stomachs dishes

Noodles soup

The easiest recipe for dishes from chicken stomachs - diet soup with pasta. We will need for a three-liter pan of the first dish: two chicken giblets (sold on the market and include liver, heart, stomach, etc.), separately - two hundred grams of chicken navels, two hundred grams of pasta, one carrot, one onion, a pair medium potatoes, salt and spices - to taste.

First boil the broth. Offal and stomachs are washed in running water, inspect and remove all unnecessary. Fill with water, throw the peeled onion and cook, removing the foam, an hour and a half. Then we catch the giblets and onions with a skimmer, and in the broth we cook chopped carrots, potatoes and noodles until ready.Just before the final cooking of this dish with chicken stomachs, add finely chopped offal to the soup. Salt and pepper to taste. Simple diet soup ready! Serve hot, filled with fresh chopped greens. Some fill it with sour cream or mayonnaise - as you like.

chicken stomach recipes

Gizzards in sour cream sauce

A simple and economical recipe, available even to the novice cook.

Ingredients: half a kilo of chicken navels, 200 grams of low-fat sour cream, vegetable oil (preferably olive oil) for frying, a glass of broth, salt, spices.

Chicken stomachs are carefully prepared for stewing (not allowing ingestion of bile and films into the dish), cut into four parts each. In a good deep frying pan, pour the oil and bring it almost to the boil. Throw sliced ​​pieces into butter and fry quickly over high heat until a crust appears. Then we reduce the fire, cover with a lid and continue to extinguish at least half an hour at least. After that, enter the sour cream and simmer another ten minutes, stirring with a wooden spatula. Before the final preparation of salt, pepper to taste. Stewed navels are quite soft and tasty.Well come with a side dish of potatoes or rice, with salads from fresh cucumbers and tomatoes and greens.

dishes with chicken stomachs

With potatoes and mushrooms

And here is another full-fledged main dish - hearty and easy to prepare. We will need: chicken stomachs - half a kilogram, mushrooms (chanterelles in the original recipe, but can be replaced with more affordable ones) - 300 grams, a pair of onions, carrots, potato - half a kilogram, sour cream - 200 grams, salt, a set of spices for meat.

Prepared "navels" cut into pieces and boil for an hour in a saucepan to become soft. At this time, preparing mushrooms: clean, wash, cut. Fry the mushrooms with onions. We clean the potatoes and carrots and cut them into cubes. Then we combine all the ingredients in the pan. Simmer another about twenty minutes. Five minutes before the end of cooking, we introduce sour cream and spices. This dish can also be made in the oven. Then at the final stage, mix the mixture into clay pots and sprinkle with grated cheese on top. We bake on medium heat in the oven until a light brownish crust is formed (15-30 minutes). The dish is ready to eat.

Recipes for chicken stomachs are varied. In such a short article we covered only a few of them. Be sure to try cooking!

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