Dessert of apples and quince

Desserts from apples - this dish is easy"wand-zashalochka" when the guests are on the threshold. To please them, and maybe even a little surprise, we proceed immediately to the preparation. So, a dessert of apples, which is prepared very quickly: we estimate how many people will have to treat, and take the number of apples according to their number. Up to the middle of each apple, we cut out the core and put into the formed cavity what is in the house of sweet fillers (to taste, of course) - pieces of chocolate or honey, or ordinary sugar. It's great if you have brown sugar at hand. And for each apple a little butter. We send it for 3 minutes in a microwave oven, covering it with a special lid for dishes cooked in such a furnace.

Serve with sour cream from carefully whipped3-st century. spoonfuls of low-fat sour cream and 2 spoons of vanilla sugar. Sprinkle a little cinnamon on top. Such a dessert of fast food apples will please your guests. And if among them there are diabetics, then for them separately prepare the same dish, just do not add butter and use chocolate on fructose or instead of sugar fructose.

If you have time and are waiting for the arrivalguests, you can cook a stunning apple dessert, which is called Swedish. You will like it too! We do this: we purify 300 grams of apples per 2 servings, remove the core and finely chop it. Spoon sugar dissolve in water (a small amount) and, bringing to a boil, there we also send our sliced ​​apples. Stew for 2-3 minutes. The dishes should be closed at the same time. We rinse the egg yolks with 40 grams of butter and a spoonful of sugar. Add 40 grams of grated almonds, a spoonful of flour, 2 tbsp. spoonful of lemon juice, zest of one lemon, and then whipped with a spoonful of powdered sugar egg white. And already all the whisk together. In the form of laying apples (do not forget to grease with oil!) And fill them with whipped mass. 7-8 minutes in the microwave and the apple dessert is ready.

You can cook apple mousse called«Marshmallow». He looks very nice in the crockery, and perhaps, in any glass. This dessert of apples is prepared according to the following recipe. 5-6 apples, preferably light, you need to bake in the oven, then wipe them through a sieve, mix with three tablespoons of sugar and heat. In a tablespoon of lemon juice dissolve 5 grams of gelatin, warm. Then mix with the mashed potatoes, and when this mass cools down, add whipped 6 proteins. Dispense in glasses and put in a refrigerator for 2-3 hours. Almost a dietary dessert of apples, since it is completely fat-free, can be served to guests.

But most often desserts are made from quince. It's just made for marmalade, sauces, jellies, thanks to an incredible amount of pectin substances. Prepare and stuffed quince with nuts, honey, raisins. The simplest quince dessert can be prepared by sprinkling with sweet wine and sprinkling with sugars and cinnamon slices of quince. Then cover with foil and send to the oven. The taste of the dish will be amazing. Only need to always remove the seeds of quince because of the content of poisonous substances in them.

And here is a quince dessert: 1 kilogram of cleaned and cut into quarters with a remote core of quince poured 2.5 liters of water with 3 tablespoons of orange juice and bring to a boil. Then reduce the heat to a minimum and cook, stirring, until the quince is completely softened. Further it is thrown back to the colander and, having substituted capacity, knead. Capacity put on the fire, add a kilogram of sugar, 2 tablespoons of orange juice and until thickened boil, stirring. Pour into molds, sprinkle with cinnamon (at the tip of the knife) and put it into the refrigerator for 2 hours. Aroma, unforgettable taste and benefits from such desserts can make them your favorite dishes.

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Dessert of apples and quince Dessert of apples and quince Dessert of apples and quince Dessert of apples and quince Dessert of apples and quince Dessert of apples and quince Dessert of apples and quince Dessert of apples and quince Dessert of apples and quince Dessert of apples and quince