Description of the castle "crab"

The "crab" door lock is a mechanical system,which will lock the door. It consists of a castle and crossbars. The latter are attached to the first by means of special traction. What are crossbars? They are rods made of metal.

castle crab

The crossbars are able to move perpendicular to the border of the door frame and the cloth, moving to the lower and upper part. The process of closing the door is horizontal and vertical.

A bit about the castle system

In order to lock the "crab" was more reliable,Deviators are used. Developers install them on the drive. In the people they are called repeaters. It is these details that serve to ensure that the crossbars move through the thrust of metal. These movements activate the lock.

How to manage deviators? This is done both from the cylinder locks, and the saddle. Even with this, it is best to use the second option with two drives. During the operation of such a model, a person will not spend too much effort to open the door. "Crab" lock works in such a way that connects the door of the metal with the wall. That's why you should not be afraid of the fact that an attacker can get access to an apartment or other premises.

the lock for garage

Most often this type of lock is installed on armored and metal door leaves. Even with the use of special equipment, it will be difficult even for EMERCOM employees to open the product.

Advantages of castles

Available crossbars are considered stiffeners. This not only increases the strength of the door, but also provides maximum protection against intruders. Due to the presence of multilateral locking, opening the front door will be difficult even with special tools. Thrusts of vertical locking, as well as horizontal locking, ensure safety.

Disadvantages of locks

Due to the fact that it is a multilaterallocking, the door exerts a strain on some parts of the lock. Because of this, it wears out quite badly. Therefore, when choosing a particular model, you need to know its approximate lifetime, in order to understand when it will fail. This factor depends on the quality of the assembly and the strength of the materials of all parts. If the lock "crab" is out of order in the locked state, then it will be very difficult to open the door. It is necessary to understand that, most likely, it is necessary either to remove the door, or to cause it and the walls considerable damage.

door lock crab

The installation of the described castle is not evenall manufacturers, so you should understand all the details of the setting as clearly as possible. It requires accuracy and scrupulousness. It is best to turn to specialists to avoid mistakes. Even with minimal problems, the lock can be difficult to operate and break quickly.

Technology features

Everyone understands that the reliability and quality of the castledetermines the duration of use of the product. It should be understood that if you use additional deviators and traction, the resistance against burglary remains at the same level. Why is this happening? No attacker will not cut deviators, his actions will be aimed at breaking into the very castle itself. When the latter is opened, all other constipation is automatically deactivated. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the reliability and security of the lock, then security is provided to any person.

 vertical locking rods

If the lock is not properly installed, thenEven with the operation of the most expensive models they will show themselves only on the worst side. What happens in this case? There may be gaps between the box and the door leaf. This will entail a slight penetration of the attacker - he can bend the door with bolts. Unfortunately, the rods in the box will be quite difficult, the reliability will be low. It is very difficult to repair the system, which is installed correctly and on a high-quality door, when there is a breakdown. Of course, it all depends on how serious the problem is. However, such things need to be prepared, since a person in the event of such a situation is likely to have to install a new door structure.

Additional nuances

Quite often the "crab" is used as alock for the garage. Many buyers in the reviews write that the product is installed without problems and serves a fairly long period of time. The lock is easy to use, it does not often break and jam and at the same time provides excellent garage protection against burglary.

In residential buildings, similar systems are usedquite rare, but the "crab" could well be the best option. For example, in an entrance without security, it will provide maximum security for the tenants of the apartment.

crab lock

A complete product is suitable as a lock forGarage or hangar, which is located away from busy areas. This "crab" system is considered an excellent solution when there is a need to protect private houses or other buildings that are not installed where a large flow of people passes. It's about the warehouses where the products are stored. Usually in such cases, protection should be at the highest level, so many shops and shopping centers use this kind of lock.


We must understand that security is onlyone lock is 100% impossible. Of course, complex solutions should be used. They will make the door structure as reliable and effective as possible. The "crab" lock, of course, is not easy to install, but if everything is done correctly and on the conscience, then it will be able to perform all its functions at the highest level without incurring the host. Proceeding from the above, it can be concluded that such a lock is a reliable defender of the premises.

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