Delicious salads for every day

Salads for every day should include only light and affordable products. About how to prepare such snacks for lunch or dinner, we will tell in the presented article.salads for every day

Step-by-step salad recipes for every day

In the preparation of such snacks is nothing complicated. It is for this reason that they are particularly popular among hostesses. You only need to purchase the necessary ingredients, process them and dress with sauce. But first things first.

Delicious salads for every day can include the use of completely different products. In this section of the article we will tell you how to make a simple snack of fresh vegetables and greens. For this we need:

  • fresh tomatoes - two pieces;
  • red onion - one head;
  • lettuce greens - a small bunch;
  • fresh green onions - a few feathers;
  • fresh cucumbers - two pieces;
  • sprigs of dill - two pieces;
  • fine salt - to taste;
  • olive oil - four large spoons.

We process components

Best of all, salads are simple and tasty for every day to cook from fresh vegetables. So you improve your digestion and saturate the body with plenty of vitamins.

To make a vegetable salad of cucumbers and tomatoes, all the ingredients should be thoroughly washed and cleaned if necessary. It is also required to do with fresh herbs.

After the described actions, tomatoes and cucumbers chop into cubes, and red onions - rings or half rings. As for lettuce leaves and other greens, they are simply chopped with a knife.salad recipes for every day

How to properly shape?

Salads for every day are quite simple. Tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers and greens spread in a large container, and then flavored with fine salt and olive oil. All the ingredients are well stirred with a spoon and spread in a beautiful salad bowl.

Bring to dinner

Salads for each day must be formed immediately before serving to the dinner table. If the seasoned vegetables stand aside for some time, they will begin to secrete their juice, making the dish watery and not very appetizing.

Making a quick and tasty snack in a hurry

Recipes for salads for every day should know all the hostess. Thanks to them, the usual family dinner can be really festive.

If you do not know how to quickly make a tasty and nutritious snack, we will tell you about it right now.

So, we will need:

  • canned saury - standard bank;
  • green apples with a slight sourness - two large pieces;
  • mayonnaise is not very high fat content - about 140 grams (add optional);
  • hard cheese - about 140 grams.

delicious salads for every day

Component preparation

Salads for every day should be easy not only for the stomach, but also in preparation. To make the snack in question, it is necessary to process all the ingredients in turn.

Canned saury spread in a large plate with broth, and then intensively crumpled with a regular fork. In this case, you should get a homogeneous fish gruel.

Also, grate hard cheese separately. For this it is desirable to use a fine grater. As for fresh green apples, they are peeled from the peel and seed box. After that, the fruit is ground on a coarse grater.

Formation process

For the formation of apple salad with saury, you must use a wide, but not very deep plate. They spread fish gruel into it and evenly distribute it over the entire surface. After that, grated apples are placed on the saury, which, in turn, are abundantly greased with not very greasy mayonnaise.

At the end, all the ingredients are sprinkled with finely grated cheese.The resulting salad is immediately served to the table. If this is not done, then the apples can turn black and highlight their juice, which will ruin the whole snack dish.

Delicious salads for every day: cooking recipes

If you do not know what kind of snack to make for a family dinner, then we suggest to remember about crab salad. Such a dish is made easy and simple, but it turns out incredible tasty and nutritious.

simple and tasty salads for every day

To implement the recipe at home, we need:

  • crab sticks - about 160 grams;
  • long grain rice - 1/3 cup;
  • Korean cabbage - a few leaves;
  • boiled carrot - one piece;
  • fresh herbs - to taste;
  • eggs (pre-cook hard boiled) - three pieces;
  • white onion - head;
  • salt and pepper as desired;
  • mayonnaise - use for refueling.

Prepare products for snack dishes

Processing ingredients for such a salad does not take you much time. First you need to boil rice, carrots and chicken eggs. The first ingredient should be thoroughly rinsed in cold water and then shaken off. As for the second and third components, they are cleaned and chopped into cubes.

Onions, crab sticks, Korean cabbage and fresh greens are also crushed separately.

We form a dish

As you know, crab salad is a mixed snack. That is why it is formed very easily and simply. One container combines boiled long grain rice, carrots, chicken eggs, crab sticks, Korean cabbage, white onions and fresh greens. If necessary, the ingredients pepper and salt, and then seasoned with low-fat mayonnaise and mix well.

How to serve

Crab salad is served only cold. It is mixed in advance with mayonnaise and left in the fridge for two to four hours.delicious salads for every day recipes

If you do not plan to eat a snack immediately after its preparation, we recommend not filling the mixed ingredients, but simply put them in a container with a lid and send them to the refrigerator. In this form, unfilled salad can be stored up to three days.

Let's sum up

Making salads every day is not at all troublesome. But this is only if they do not include expensive and rare ingredients that require long-term heat treatment.

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