Cycling chair.

Tender advice. I want to buy a bike for the summer, and a cycle chair. I can not choose, better bike seat in front, to fasten
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Answered on April 1 21:46
We bought the one that is mounted behind. The child is already big, it is uncomfortable to carry in the front. Very pleased. And about safety - you just need to buy a child with a bike helmet and drive not along the road, but along the sidewalk.
Answered on April 1 21:52
I remember how our father, with his sister, drove a bicycle in the kindergarten. As a senior, I was imprisoned in the rear trunk, and my sister was sitting in front on a makeshift chair, which my father had made. These memories evoke a lot of warm emotions in me. Therefore, I also decided to purchase a bicycle seat for my son, in order to make walks together with him. I think to buy a bicycle chair at one of the websites on the Internet, for example, here
Answered on April 1 21:57
We used the front seat that summer. This year my son will be three years in the summer, I hope that we will be in it. I feel more comfortable and calmer when the child is in front of my eyes.

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