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A very common problem formotorists are squeaking the brakes of their cars. Even if it is a completely new, unpleasant sharp sound can make pads. This is not at all a sign that the braking system has malfunctioned. The sharp sound causes irritation in motorists. However, the very fact that the brakes creak does not affect the efficiency of the system. The cause of the unpleasant sound, which emits pads, is very difficult to determine. That's why most of the drivers prefer to go to the car service in order to replace the parts of the brake system.

creak brakes

What are the reasons for the fact that they creakbrakes? Basically, this phenomenon is observed because of the poor material used in the manufacture of shoes. Even in the case when they are completely new, their quality may be better. Such a shoe can damage the brake disc. As a result, it will have to be replaced. In this regard, in the event that you find that the pads installed on your car are counterfeit, replace them with branded ones.

There is one more reason that creaksbrakes. It lies in the incompatibility of the pads with the disks of the system. Various materials used in the manufacture of these parts, with direct contact can produce unpleasant sharp sounds. This is due to the incompatibility of metals.

The brakes creak and due to the addition of newbrake shoes. If the reason lies in this, that after two or three days the unpleasant sound will disappear by itself. The fact is that the upper part of the pads is covered by the production of a special admixture layer. It is he who causes the creaking. After deleting the layer, the unpleasant sound disappears. If you have a desire to remove the creaking as soon as possible, then at a speed equal to one hundred kilometers per hour, braked sharply. The actions done several times facilitate the heating of the pads and the burning out of the layer deposited on them. There are cases when it does not help, and after a certain run of the car, the disc brakes still creak. Then you should replace the pads.

creak disc brakes

The cause of unpleasant sound in the braking systemcan serve as the entry of water or dirt into it. In this case, it is recommended to clean the pads or wait a few days, during which the creak should disappear. Sometimes an unpleasant sound in the braking system appears at a negative temperature of the outside air.

The creaking and whistling of the pads can indicate their wear and tear. The metal plate of the special indicator starts to come in contact with the brake disc, which is the cause of unpleasant sounds. In this case, the replacement of the pads should be made immediately.

brake grease

Disc brakes are a complex mechanism. It operates under conditions of constant intense load. In this regard, the lubricant for the brakes must meet certain requirements. For maintenance of shoes use:

1. High-temperature extreme pressure pastes. They are used in the processing of staples, anti-scratch plates, and also the reverse surfaces of the pads.

2. High-temperature greases used for the surface treatment of the caliper parts (piston edges, bushings, bolts, pins, glands).

3. Universal greases. They are used to service the moving parts of the support, including plastic and elastic.

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