Tablets "Corvaltab": instructions for use, description, composition and reviews

When used correctly, they safely and effectively relieve irritation, cramps, help get rid of insomnia, etc. One of the best medicines designed to reduce the excitability of the central nervous system is Corvaltab. Instructions for its use is extremely simple. Soothing effect on the body, this drug has a pronounced.

The composition of the drug

The main active ingredients in the medicine "Corvaltab" contains three:

  • Ethyl a-bromisovaleric acid ester acts as a sedative and antispasmodic;
  • phenobarbital has an antispasmodic and sedative effect;
  • Peppermint oil causes both antispasmodic and vasodilating reflex effect.

Corvaltab instruction

Also included in this medication are:

The drug "Corvaltab" is being produced, the instructions for use of which will be discussed in detail below, in round biconvex tablets, film-coated.They are packaged in blisters of 10 pcs. The last in a pack can be one or two. Store the drug is recommended at a temperature not higher than +25 ° C. Its shelf life is two years.

Indications and contraindications for use

Doctors prescribe this medicine to their patients for such problems as:

  • spasms of the coronary vessels, mild;
  • neurocirculatory dystonia;
  • hyperexcitability;
  • hypertension;
  • neurosis;
  • dermatosis with itching;
  • bowel spasms;
  • insomnia.

Corvaltab instructions for use

For all these diseases, the medicine Corvalab helps very well. Instructions for use, however, do not allow to drink it in case of severe hepatic and renal pathologies, history of angle-closure glaucoma, and heart failure. Also, the drug "Corvaltab" is contraindicated in such diseases as urethroprostatic disorder. Do not write out his doctors and with all sorts of depression. Pregnant and lactating women, as well as children, this drug can not be taken.

special instructions

Caution is advised to drink this medicine for people with sleep apnea. During treatment with Corvaltab, the symptoms of this disease may worsen.Also under the supervision of a doctor this remedy should be drunk by people with chronic cough and gastrointestinal disorders. According to the instructions, during the course of treatment with this drug, you should refuse to drive a car.

Medicine "Corvaltab": instructions for use

Apply "Corvaltab" should only be prescribed by a doctor. The doctor selects the dose of the drug individually. Adult patients are usually prescribed 1-2 tablets of medication 2-3 times a day. Take medication before meals. For patients suffering from tachycardia and spasms of the coronary vessels, this remedy is usually given three tablets per reception.

Alcoholic beverages - this is something with which in no case can not be used at the same time the medicine "Corvaltab". Instructions for using this tool prohibits this combination categorically. It is also not recommended to use this tool for too long. Unfortunately, it can be addictive.

Corvaltab tablet instructions

One of the features of this medicine is that it can enhance the action of tranquilizers and other sedatives. The effect of the drug "Corvaltab" may increase with the use of valproic acid.When taking this medication with Rifampicin, the effect on the body is less pronounced.

It is impossible to drink "Zidovudin" simultaneously with the drug "Corvaltab". Its active substance may enhance the toxicity of phenobarbital. It is also highly not recommended to take "Corvaltab" simultaneously with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. This combination can lead to the development of a stomach ulcer.

Side effects

The drug "Corvalab" (the instructions for use of which is quite simple) usually does not have any negative impact on the patient's body. Only occasionally can it cause such side effects as dizziness, weakness, and drowsiness.

Approximately the same symptoms may occur in a patient with an overdose of the drug "Corvaltab". The instructions (the price of the drug is small, but this does not mean that they need to get involved) allows for the use of a maximum of two tablets of this medication at a time. In case of overdose, gastrointestinal disorders, confusion, respiratory depression are also possible. Also, the patient may develop redness of the neck and face, sinus tachycardia, accommodation paralysis.In addition, an overdose is fraught with excessive agitation, severe dry mouth and redness of the neck and face.

Corvaltab extra instruction

In cases of overdose, the patient should immediately flush the stomach. Unfortunately, there is no specific antidote for this medicine.

Sometimes it happens that when using "Corvaltab" the patient's sleep does not improve, but worsens. In this case, the medicine, of course, should be replaced by another.

Corvaltab Extra: instructions for use

This modification of the drug has a high content of active substances. Apply it in the same cases as the usual "Corvalab". The dosage is determined by the doctor. However, this drug is prescribed more often one by one, rather than two tablets per dose. It is believed that this remedy is very effective in insomnia. Patients with intermittent sleep "Corvaltab Extra" is prescribed in the amount of 1-2 tablets for the night.

Corvaltab tablets instruction


This is the medicine for Corvaltab. Tablets are effective and quite affordable. But if desired, they can be replaced with other drugs with similar pharmacological action. There are many similar drugs on the market today.Instead of "Corvaltab" in some cases, you can take, for example, "Validol", valerian extract, "Corvalol", "Corvaldine", "Valokardin". Most often, this medication is replaced by the drug "Corvalentment".

Patient Reviews

Opinion about the drug "Corvaltab" in patients formed a good one. According to the effect, many compare it with the widely known drug "Corvalol." The advantage of "Corvaltab" is that it is available in tablets. The smell of the latter, unfortunately, is still there (mint). But he is not as sharp as Corvalol.

Of course, the advantages of this medicine, many include and its low cost. The price of the drug in pharmacies is only about 40 rubles per pack.

korvaltab instruction Price

In addition to effectiveness, the advantages of this medicine, many patients include and the speed of action. It calms the nervous system in about 15-20 minutes after ingestion. Pain in the heart and shortness of breath this remedy relieves very well.

A plus is considered to be its almost natural composition. One more advantage of Corvaltab tablets sold in Russia: the instructions for use in paper form are very detailed and clear.

The dimensions of the tablet "Corvaltab" are small. And therefore, to swallow them, according to the patients, it is convenient.

The possibility of addiction in patients is considered a disadvantage of the drug "Corvaltab". Instructions for use (tablets are not particularly strong) taking medicine for a long time does not recommend it for good reason. After a too long course in patients, "withdrawal syndrome" may be observed in some cases.

Also, many patients believe that with severe disorders, Corvaltab does not help too well. In case of serious diseases, it is better, of course, to take more effective drugs.

Corvaltab instructions for use price

Instead of conclusion

Thus, we found out what constitutes the drug "Corvaltab" (instructions for use, price, description). There are almost no negative reviews about this drug online. The effect on the body, it has a pronounced, beneficial and also fast. Given all this, as well as the availability of the drug in terms of price, people with CNS problems in the first-aid kit should have it. In an emergency, this medicine, like many of its other analogues, can be taken without the recommendation of a doctor. But long-term treatment with this remedy, however harmless it may seem, is allowed to be carried out only after consulting a doctor.

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