Computer vacuum cleaner: how effective and necessary is it?

Have any of you, dear readers, thought about how difficult it is for our body during those moments when the inhaled air is not completely clean? Most likely, you will remember the unpleasant symptoms of shortness of breath, coughing episodes, or an unstoppable reaction to irritation of the nasal mucosa - sneezing. Electronics is deprived of a miraculous protective mechanism. However, a computer vacuum cleaner can become a kind of panacea for air pollutants, among which the most dangerous “fever” causative agent is dust. How to make preventive maintenance of computing equipment and when should it be done at all? What can not be avoided if we ignore the above conditions during operation? As you can see, there are many questions. And if you want to know the answers to them - pay attention to the recommendations of this article.

How often should I use a vacuum cleaner to clean my computer?

Vacuum cleaner for computer

There is a universal schedule of general cleaning in the depths of the PC - every six months of the operational period. Of course, the value of "earlier / later" may vary in one direction or another. It all depends on the type of electronics used, the state of the environment and many other external influencing factors. Lovers of food and drink at the keyboard waiting for a lot of surprises. Even for "those responsible for our younger brothers" provides food for thought. Due to the versatility of the illuminated problem, it makes sense to specify all the nuances of "electronic cleaning". Since the generally valid principles of cleaning the computer from various kinds of pollution can be completely different in terms of implementation. After all, in addition to stationary PCs, there are also portable versions of computers - laptops, which, in turn, require a completely different approach to solving preventive tasks of cleaning the internal space of a compact case. And the vacuum cleaner - for the computer in our case - the vacuum cleaner is different. What you still have time to verify by reading the relevant section of the article.

Five reasons to open the protective cover

You clearly understand: the computer has ceased to work stably.

  • You began to annoy the strange noise and hum coming from the system unit.
  • Incomprehensible violations in the OS: braking, freezing or spontaneous reboot.
  • When using the PC, odors appear.
  • When you touch the body, you feel excessive heat.
  • Well, and the last. Long PC inactivity and storage in non-residential premises. In this situation, just need a vacuum cleaner to clean your computer.

Mini vacuum cleaner for computer

Appropriate use of cleaning equipment: review and recommendations for use

So, during a visual inspection you found a critical accumulation of dust on the ventilation grilles. Consider cleaning a stationary PC. In this case, you can use a household vacuum cleaner. However, if there is a wet cleaning mode in the cleaning device, deactivate it.

  • De-energize the computer.
  • Remove the front cover of the system unit. As a rule, the protective cover is fixed with 4-6 screws. Perhaps the design used additional latch clamps.
  • Direct the dust collector nozzle inside the system unit and use an ordinary brush (medium hardness of the pile) to free the internal space from dust.

USB vacuum cleaner for computer

In no case do not use a variety of cleaning devices: feather and down-containing “wits-fan”, brushes and brushes made of soft natural lint.

Warning: if the vacuum cleaner for the computer at some point becomes useless

It may happen that surface cleaning does not help to solve the problem with PC pollution. For example, this happens when the edges of the processor heatsink are tight enough. The suction effect will be of little benefit, since the vanes of the cooler and the structural details of the components will impede the moment of crowding out the accumulated contamination. In this case, the dismantling of the fan simply can not be avoided.Mini vacuum cleaner for computer

  • Gently unfasten the cooler by unplugging its power supply terminals on the motherboard.
  • Using a brush, thoroughly clean the blades from the accumulated dust.
  • Grease the mechanical part of the fan.
  • Replace the cooling element.

“To blow or not to blow?”: That is the question!

Returning to the question: "What should be a vacuum cleaner for a computer?", It is worth noting one important detail. Namely:

  • When cleaning do not use a different kind of compressors. There is a risk of damaging the internal components of the motherboard by air flow, which is accompanied by high pressure.
  • Simply injecting air through the air channel of a closed system unit is also ineffective.

Of course, the process of blowing the inside of the hull should be carried out in a ventilated room or in fresh air. Only with the implementation of all the above points can we count on the success of this kind of preventive measures.

"Compact cleaning problems", or How to clean the laptop from dust?

Small computer vacuum cleaners

A portable USB vacuum cleaner for your computer (when used systematically) will help you keep your laptop in perfect cleanliness.

  • By connecting the "waste" dust to the appropriate connector of the laptop, you can always walk along the keyboard rows.
  • Daily cleaning of the vents with this gentle method will allow you to avoid many problems. For example, the critical accumulation of dust in the inner part of the device, which will inevitably require the dismantling of the body parts of the laptop.
  • USB mini-vacuum cleaner for a computer is simply irreplaceable if your professional activity is associated with the mandatory use of a laptop in conditions far from the concept of "comfortable."

For those who later came to their senses: restoring lost purity in a laptop

USB mini vacuum cleaner for computer

Due to the complicated construction features of some modifications of portable equipment, the process of complete dismantling cannot be avoided. Since the cooling system in the specified laptops is hidden deep enough inside the case. In order to avoid undue risk when dismantling (damage to internal components and body parts of the device), try to follow at least some of the recommendations presented. It is worth noting that (in the context of this section) it is preferable to use small computer vacuum cleaners, rather than highly resourceful household units. Microelectronics, you know!

  • First of all, read the technical documentation of your "dirty".
  • It will not be superfluous to view the video on disassembling specifically your laptop model. The benefit of such material today abound.
  • The utmost attention and slowness of the actions performed are your best helpers.

We buy a mini vacuum cleaner for computerComputer vacuum cleaner

Even if you have a stationary PC, it is much more comfortable to carry out preventive maintenance (cleaning from dust) using minimized devices. This condition will allow to better perform the full range of "cleaning" activities. Agree, a compact arrangement of parts - a somewhat embarrassing circumstance, provided that when you use the overall devices. The user simply can not get coked dust from hard-to-reach areas of the board. Traditional household vacuum cleaner nozzles are not adapted for cleaning the electronic components of the system. Therefore, you should purchase a special mini-vacuum cleaner for your computer.

Useful tips

  • The system unit should be installed well above the floor covering, away from heat sources (fireplace, battery and other heating devices).
  • Get in the habit of checking your computer’s hardware weekly.
  • Do not use your laptop in an unfavorable environment: high humidity, dust or electrolysis of the surrounding space (room).
  • Get a special can of compressed air.This is an incredibly convenient tool for the disposal of the hidden "storehouse of dust."


As you have seen, a vacuum cleaner for cleaning a computer is an extremely necessary thing! The effectiveness of preventive maintenance increases many times when the user is armed with a technical tool for “cleaning” electronics. There are enough advantages, and if you still doubt the advisability of acquiring a special vacuum cleaner for a computer, pay attention to the list of indisputable advantages of such technical devices:

  • Dust and debris is sucked into the dust collector without any mechanical impact on the computer components.
  • The cleaning process is much more efficient. Minimum elapsed time with maximum result.
  • The special mini vacuum cleaner is compact and easy to transport. Thanks to the USB port power scheme implemented in it, comfort in use is guaranteed!

In the end, if you have a vacuum cleaner, you will no longer have to blow the dust off the keyboard ... You will benefit from prophylactic prevention sessions!

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