Comedy "Otora": actors

In 2008, the world premiere of the newyouth comedy melodrama "Wild Child" (in the domestic film the film received a consonant name - "Otorka"). The director of the picture is Nick Moore, who has already gained fame after the films "Real Love", "Notting Hill", "Good Morning" and many other works.


The director chose a new genre for himself, the youthcomedy. If before Moore specialized mainly in melodramas for women for 30, now he decided to master the younger audience by working on the film "Otorka". Actors of the new picture of Nick - young Hollywood celebrities and already held English actors.

The plot transfers the viewer from the solarLos Angeles to rainy England. Poppy Moore is a young girl who lost her mother five years ago. After the second marriage of her father, she was replaced, she became aggressive and impudent. To teach and educate his fussy daughter, a wealthy father decides to put her in an English boarding school. Strict rules, rejection of chic, shine and fashionable things - this is a real torture for Poppy.

Once in the boarding house, the girl by any meanstries to achieve exclusion to return to his native America. No intrigues Poppy does not help, they punish her, but do not rule it out. She decides to violate the strictest ban of the boarding school - the relationship between the students. Poppy seduces the local handsome and the son of director Freddie. The girl herself does not notice how it changes. In the hostel, she begins to appreciate friendship, good attitude and love.

Emma Roberts

In the main role of the "wild child" she herselfniece of Julia Roberts Emma. The girl is a typical representative of the golden advanced youth. She is beautiful and talented, it's no surprise that the director chose the main character without long castings.

Otorva actors

At the time of filming Emma was only 17 years old, but shewas already quite a famous actress, managed to star in many films and TV shows. In one of the interviews Emma admitted that the actors of the movie "Otorva" remained close friends after the shootings.

Another interesting fact: many things Poppy Moore were presented to the performer of the main role. The budget of the film was $ 20 million. The main expenses were expenses for the costumes of the main character. Emma Roberts admitted that among all her works the favorite is "Otora". Actors of the film found a common language from the first days of shooting, this greatly facilitated the workflow, made it fun and easy.

Alex Pettifer

At the time of the filming of the film "Otorva", actors and roleswhich was thought through to the smallest detail, Alex Pettifer has already played in "Thunderbolt" and in the film "Tom Brown's School Years." In Britain and Hollywood, Alex was known and loved by teenagers. The star of an English closed school should be a reckless Briton - the director decided so. Therefore, the circle of actors has significantly narrowed. In the guy was supposed to be present English pretentiousness, restraint, gloss. These qualities the director wanted to combine with a bright appearance and recklessness. All these features have merged into Alex. On the joint tests with Emma, ​​the pair looked very organic. The director approved this tandem.

the actors of the film Otorva

Filming took place from July to September 2007 in picturesque places in England. During this time between the young actors really sparked a spark, and the guys began to meet in real life.

Actors of the second plan

The main characters of the picture are Poppy and Fredy, but withoutsecond-generation actors the film would not be so original and comedic. A great actor's game was shown by young actresses who played British classmates Miss Moore: Georgia King, Kimberly Nixon, Juneau Temple, Lenzi Kokker and Sophie Wu. For each of the novice actresses it was a leap in his career.

Otorva actors and roles

The role of Abby's school director was played by NatashaRichardson. The film "Otorva", whose actors - not only newcomers, but also recognized stars of British cinema, became the latest video work in the career of this talented actress.

The image of the father of the "wild" thing was embodied by the famous American actor Aidan Quinn.

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