Colva Kinara 3 * (India / South Goa / Colva Beach): photos, description of rooms, service, entertainment, reviews

Hotel Colva Kinara 3 * is located in a distant and sunny India. The Indian state of Goa is divided into two districts: North and South. This hotel was built in the southern part. This is a former Portuguese colony. The largest city of the district - Vasco da Gama - is in close proximity, so if you wish, tourists can go on a tour even on their own.

Getting to the hotel Colva Kinara 3 * is very convenient, since the entire transport interchange is in a minute walk. From the train station Margao go only 10 minutes. If you arrived by plane at Dabolim airport, you will spend half an hour on the road, as it is located 15.5 km from the hotel. This is the only airport in the region, and it serves mainly international flights.

In the article we will carefully consider what is interesting for visitors to South Goa, when it is better to come, so that the changeable weather of the subequatorial climate does not break your plans.We will also dwell in detail on the Colva Kinara 3 * selected for review. Consider photos of the hotel, facilities and services provided by staff to our tourists. Also, readers will find out the specifics of travel to India, what to expect from a trip, what to tune in advance in order not to be disappointed and not to be trapped.

The beauty of the area

Goa County is considered the smallest in all of India. On the west side, the coast is washed by the Arabian Sea, so, having arrived to rest at the hotel Colva Kinara 3 *, tourists will enjoy swimming in the warm waters of this sea. The coastal strip is quite wide, but you need to follow the ebb and flow. Along the coast stretches a narrow strip of flat terrain, and then gradually moves into the Western Ghats, in Indian, Sahyadri. The average height of the mountains is only 1200 meters. Nature abounds in several rivers that originate from highlands. The largest rivers of this region are Mandovi, Zuari and one more - Chapora.

nature of Goa

Holidays in India are always associated with viewing not only the ancient temple buildings and palaces, but also walks through the unspoilt nature of this peninsula. If you are going on a trip to the country of monkeys, tigers and elephants, then be sure to think about the excursion program.Of course, you can drive on wild places on your own, but it’s better not to risk your health and life and buy a sightseeing trip, since there is a bureau next to the Colva Kinara 3 hotel in South Goa where you can agree on trips to the surrounding beauty with a travel agent. It is advisable to speak English or have at least basic school knowledge.

On some sites, telling about this hotel, they wrote that the staff speaks excellent Russian. But, after reading the numerous reviews of guests in this hotel, you can say with confidence that this is fiction. Many reported that they almost spoke with the staff on their fingers, even in English they do not understand well. So be ready to show wonders of wit and ingenuity.

When is the best time to go to South Goa

Coming to rest in warm exotic countries, tourists should know in advance what kind of weather they will expect. Since the climate in this part of Hindustan is subequatorial, one can presumably predict the best time for rest in Hotel Colva Kinara 3 * season. In this climate zone, one can clearly distinguish two characteristic seasons. The first is the dry season, when precipitation falls very rarely. This is according to the calendar - the winter period, from December to February. Even before April, rains are quite rare.The temperature during this period remains pleasant and comfortable for rest, although daily fluctuations are up to 10 degrees.

hotel entrance arch

So at night it is 20 ° C, and in the daytime it is 30 ° C. The rest of the year is considered a rainy season, monsoon. High humidity begins in late March, the weather becomes unbearably hot. However, there is not much rain at this time either, in any case, if we compare it with the state of affairs in Moscow, then in Goa there is not much more. The most unfortunate timing for a holiday in India is June and July. Nearly 20 days in the month pour torrential rains.

In the Arabian Sea, the swimming season lasts all year round, the thermometer does not fall below 28 degrees. After reading such useful information, choose the most convenient time for your family to stay at the hotel. We now take a closer look at it.

Hotel location

This small hotel is located just 5 minutes walk from the beach of the city of Colva (India). Colva Kinara 3 * is not built on the very coast of the Arabian Sea, but inside the block. This place is quite popular and every year more and more of our tourists, residents of Belarus and Kazakhstan visit this district. This is a budget and inexpensive hotel, the main advantage of which is the proximity of the beach.

I want to warn passengers of the planes arriving in Dabolim in advance.This airfield is considered military, flights with tourists arrive only at night or in the early morning. Getting to the hotel from the airport is fast, as the distance is short, and the introduction of tourists into the hotel, as everywhere else, begins after 14.00. Be prepared for a long wait and tune in to this lost time in advance, so as not to be upset in vain.

hotel entrance gate

From the windows of the hotel overlooks a small pond with growing water lilies, from which it does not always smell good. The other side faces the road, where you can find trash that is common in Indian cities and even walking pigs. The remaining windows either overlook the hotel’s small courtyard or the pool and hotel bar.

Nearby is a large number of cafes, restaurants, large and small, shops of merchants, a variety of shops. Conveniently, near the hotel there is a bus stop, and very close - the final stop of transport in different directions.

Hotel territory

Since the hotel is located within the city, its inner territory is small. Almost none of the holidaymakers uses the small pool, so it is almost always free.According to reviews of tourists, the hotel area, though small, but well-groomed. The pool is cleaned every morning, but while swimming you can see how locals view tourists from the windows of the opposite house. There are several palm trees in the courtyard, trestle beds placed, tables with chairs, and a small cozy bar by the pool’s water.

courtyard swimming pool

The fence is quite high, so it is not visible from the street. The floor covering (light tiles) and the white painted walls of the fence refresh the surrounding space. From the rays of the sun you can hide under large umbrellas.

At the reception, guests are greeted by a smiling, friendly staff. People have never had problems with the introduction. The entire first floor is intended for common areas. There is a beautiful porch and lobby, where you can sit on soft sofas and chat over the Internet with relatives or friends, as Wi-Fi only catches the signal in the lobby.

If you rent a car, you can put it in a small parking lot near the main entrance to the hotel. This is a closed area, so the car will be completely safe.

The interior of the hotel is decorated, as, indeed, all the rooms, in warm colors. This combination of beige, pink and yellow colors. The reception desk is made under wood and has partially brown panels.

Description of rooms

In Colva Kinara 3 * there are 65 rooms, on four floors there are only two types of rooms. In each of them there is a balcony and a private bathroom, air conditioning, electric kettle, telephone, fan, give a fumigator. There are modern flat-screen TVs showing cable channels, but there is no broadcast in Russian.

Standard room for two people

This is a double room with an area of ​​16 m2. The floor is lined with ceramic tiles. There is a wide double bed with orthopedic mattresses, a desk, a wardrobe.

description of numbers

If necessary, you can ask for an iron for a fee. There is a dressing table with a large mirror, chairs, bedside tables. There is a mini fridge.


This type of room is designed for 2 people. It differs from the standard only in the size of the room (17 m2) and a larger bed. The rest of the facilities are similar.

Bathroom in the rooms

The bathroom in all rooms is spacious, has a toilet, washbasin with mirror. There is a shower, but without curtains, but many vacationers considered it a convenience, since washing in an enclosed space in such heat is unthinkable.

All toiletries are provided free of charge, towels are changed every day, so you can splash at your pleasure. Hot water is supplied without interruption. None of the tourists complained.

Power Features

Meals at Colva Kinara 3 * are organized according to the BB system. Only breakfasts are included, which are held in the hotel’s restaurant, designed for a football-themed buffet. Optionally, you can order half-board or board. Many people recommend a restaurant opposite, as there dishes are more close to European tastes.

hotel food

In the opinion of tourists it is difficult to understand what the quality of food. Some write that all dishes are quite specific, spicy, with a lot of spices. They note that the child could not eat anything except eggs.

Others, on the contrary, praise the chefs, saying that food is mostly vegetarian. It is noted that, despite the huge amount of spices in food, the stomach was not sick, no problems arose from the dishes bought in small cafes or on the beach.

On the way to the seashore, many people advise buying fruit baskets, which are sold literally for ridiculous money.

Beach holiday

From Colva Kinara 3 * to the beach just a few minutes walk. A strip of fine soft sand stretches for several hundred meters. On weekends, the coast is filled with many locals, and there are fishermen with nets and boats. On weekdays, smaller people, but all the conditions for a pleasant stay created. Many shops with goodies. You can, of course, sit on the sand, but most tourists prefer to take deck chairs designed for bar customers. You can simply buy a glass of juice and use the comfortable chaise lounge for free while sipping a chilled drink.

beach in the arabian sea

The sand is clean, the beach is cleaned carefully, as it is considered private. The Arabian Sea is very pleasant and warm, but the water is not quite clear, but rather muddy due to the sand raised by the sea. Big waves do not happen, so you can swim with children calmly. People call the sand on the coast starchy, as it is small and light, it crunches underfoot when walking.

Hotel Services

Service at Colva Kinara 3 * includes room cleaning, towel change.According to reviews of tourists, the linen only recovers, but for all the rest does not change. There is an ATM on the first floor, you can arrange excursions, there is a spacious conference room and fax. For a fee, they provide spa services and body massages. At the reception, you can agree on a service call - alarm.

hotel lobby

Although the hotel has four floors, but there is an elevator. You can also arrange car rental directly from the hotel. You can use the safe for a fee.

There are rooms for people with disabilities. You can make in-room ordering of drinks or food, fresh press. If you arrive early, you can temporarily leave things in the storage room, and you can take a walk or go to the beach.

What to do in India

Entertainment in Colva Kinara 3 * is not so much: you can soak in a lounge chair and swim in the pool, play darts, watch TV or chat on the Internet. Therefore, our tourists go to have fun in the neighboring restaurants, bars, discos, the benefit to Goa is everything for such a holiday.

waterfall Dudhsagar

Many people go on excursions, the most popular of which is a trip to the beautiful Dudhsagar waterfall 320 meters high.Besides the fact that it is the highest waterfall in India, it is also multi-tiered. The width of the falling stream is about 30 meters, and the total length of the jets is 600 meters. There is such a natural landmark in the National Park Molle. The travel agency organizes trips with a Russian-speaking guide, who tells a beautiful legend about the "milk" river, explaining the white color of the waterfall jets. A young girl was carrying a jug of milk and decided to refresh herself in the waters of the lake. The prince wanted to look at her, but the girl poured milk into the water to hide her body. Since then, “dairy” streams flow down the rocks. The trip also includes a visit to the ancient temple of Lord Shiva - Sri Mangesha.


Reaching out on such a long journey, you need to understand the specifics of India. This is a country of strong contrasts. The bright, unique nature of tropical forests, warm sea and a variety of fruits intersect with the poverty of the local population, mud and outright stink of city streets, unsanitary conditions around, crowded dogs on the beaches, scurrying cows and pigs outside.

But for tourists who bring a decent income to the country, quite comfortable living conditions are created, an entertainment system and all the necessary infrastructure are organized.Perhaps that is why every year more and more tourists, choosing a place on the map, where to spend the next holiday, look to the East.

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