Colorful character: Alexander Zadoynov on the project "Dom-2"

This project perceives the lion's share of viewersnegatively, but this does not give the right to deny the fact that from time to time in the airs appear significant and interesting for observation characters. This was Alexander Zadoynov - a tall and attractive young man with a strong character and serious goals. For the successful resolution of his personal and social conflicts are now experiencing the most.

Alexandr Zadoynov

Personal page

Alexander Zadoynov was born in 1984, in the fall. Now this is a healthy guy weighing 105 kg and growing 197 cm. He is a Scorpio by the sign of the zodiac and Rat by the Chinese horoscope. The project appeared in late September 2013. The views of many old-timers of the project attracted Alexander Zadoynov. The biography of this guy made a serious sob, having retired from his native Yaroslavl, where he was born in a family of servicemen and never knew a special luxury. The boy's childhood was held in his native city. Almost everything was needed by the young Alexander Zadoynov. Biography of this type is not uncommon in "House-2", but in the case of Sasha, the character is visible. He was always fond of sports, dreamed of getting into people and building a career. True, he began to realize his plans in a somewhat strange way - he rejected the idea of ​​higher education and went to work right after school.

Alexander Zadoynov biography


In the workbook many records were collected by AlexanderZadoynov, but all professions did not require special training and paid little. Temporarily, the guy sharpened his attention to the vacancy of the barman. Just at this time Alexander Zadoynov met his future wife. The novel developed quickly, and in 2006 the couple had a daughter. But she did not seal the marriage, and soon a divorce followed. After the incident, just behind the rehabilitation went to the project of the TNT channel Alexander Zadoynov. The photo of the guy attracted the organizers, and a quick interview showed that he was ready to participate!

Alexandr Zadoynov photo

First Appearance

The first novel happened with Katya Krutilina, but wasis incredibly brief, since Zadoynov was not faithful to the girl, flirted with almost every participant of the project. Next on the line to Zadoynov's heart was Zhenya Feofilaktova, who quickly melted before romantic confessions, beautiful dates and presents. Again a quick relationship and a rapid fading of feelings, which Zhenya explained Zadoynov's categorical unwillingness to get a job and his passion for gambling. By the way, it was these qualities that became a shameful spot on Alexander's biography, because he started stealing (!) Money from other show participants. The guy was expelled from the project.

alexandra задойнова photo

Second Parish

Six months later, the young man returned to the project,still hoping to build love with Feofilaktova, although she actively met with the guys and seemed to have forgotten the former boyfriend. The offended guy poured out tenderness at Lilya Kish, who initially sympathized with Alexander Zadoynov. His photo was still kept in the archives of the project. Soon there was another expulsion due to the unleashed fight. New relations have faded away without the possibility of starting. But the hot macho managed to interest the audience. They wanted to see him again on the project. The third return promised to be the last, because Zadoynov changed, said that he had established a business and wanted a real, serious relationship. The chosen one was Varvara Tretyakova, a girl with a bright appearance and explosive temperament. In everyday life, she was helpless, which was the reason for the gap. There was an affair with Jana Rudova, but it collapsed already behind the perimeter, as the couple could not stand the close attention. After his already voluntary withdrawal, Zadoynov returned in 2013, wishing to engage in education and complain about the business that had collapsed.

Alexander Zadoyanov and Elina

The present

Today, relations continue on the project AlexanderZadoynov and Elina Kamiren. The girl was not as simple as the guy he used to win expected. She saw him clearly and rationally - simple, unsecured, unpromising, and therefore was unassailable. Over time, ordinary interest grew into feelings, and relationships - into marriage. The guy had a hard time, because it was required to stand up, learn to work and take life seriously. Many viewers condemned the demanding and cold Elina, but in fact she was an extremely wise woman, and not a harsh exploiter. She brought up a man in a potential boyfriend, made him grow from a boy to a man. Most likely, it was difficult, because Zadoynov courted widely and beautifully: he ordered visits in restaurants, sang other project participants and arranged big surprises. As a wise woman, Kamiren understood that everything is temporary and the costs here mean little.

Family problems

After the wedding, new questions appeared andconflict situations. The guys stayed and left the project, until finally they started talking about divorce. By this time there was already a lot of talk about the child, so the couple turned to a psychologist who sent and gave advice. The situation settled, clarified the schedule of meetings and decided to abandon the idea of ​​divorce. Everything was decided by love, as the guys themselves say. They decided to discuss problems, consult with third parties and learn to conduct a dialogue. The family psychologist listened to them and made a diagnosis that seems obvious to all viewers of the project - there is love in the pair, the guys have passionate feelings for each other and are not ready to lose all this. To save the family they need peace and understanding. The result of this union will be shown by the time, but one thing is clear: if a woman has managed to re-educate such an unruly boy, she really wants to be with him, feel his protection and the sincerity of his romantic feelings.

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Colorful character: Alexander Zadoynov on the project Dom-2 Colorful character: Alexander Zadoynov on the project Dom-2 Colorful character: Alexander Zadoynov on the project Dom-2 Colorful character: Alexander Zadoynov on the project Dom-2 Colorful character: Alexander Zadoynov on the project Dom-2 Colorful character: Alexander Zadoynov on the project Dom-2 Colorful character: Alexander Zadoynov on the project Dom-2 Colorful character: Alexander Zadoynov on the project Dom-2 Colorful character: Alexander Zadoynov on the project Dom-2 Colorful character: Alexander Zadoynov on the project Dom-2