Cinemas in St. Petersburg: addresses, photos and reviews

St. Petersburg is the cultural capital of Russia. The city has a huge number of museums, theaters, exhibition centers and cinemas. Watching movies is one of the favorite ways of spending time among citizens. By the number of cinemas, the northern capital is second only to Moscow. That, however, is not surprising. According to specialists, there are 48 cinemas in the city, and the number of showrooms reaches 235. The approximate number of seats exceeds 400,000.

Network cinema

Cinemas in St. Petersburg are mostly networked. They are located in new shopping centers that regularly appear in various parts of the city. They do not differ the original repertoire and design delights. You can come here on a weekend with your family or friends and, sitting in a small hall, watch the latest cinema world. As a rule, the cost of tickets for sessions is almost the same for all these institutions.Such cinemas are located in different parts of the city and are very popular among the citizens. All of them are equipped with solid equipment. Cinemas 3D St. Petersburg open regularly. New cinema can be viewed in all areas of the city.

cinema in St. Petersburg

Exclusive Cinema

But there are cinemas in St. Petersburg, which stand out from the crowd. Some offer unique film screenings to visitors, others surprise with design refinements and original cuisine, others offer to rent space for a small company with the right to choose a session from a huge film library. They deserve special attention.

SPb GBUK "Petersburg-Kino"

Listing the unique cinemas in St. Petersburg, we can single out the only state network Petersburg-Kino. This is a cinema concern that unites 5 cinemas. In their film library - more than ten thousand works of world and domestic cinema for every taste. This company holds the largest Russian film festival in Russia.

3D cinemas in St. Petersburg

This association includes mini-halls equipped with modern equipment for displaying various films, including 3D. As well as single-room cinema.In any of these establishments, new items are rolled out at the third week of the appearance of the painting in Russia.

Also, the organizers regularly hold shows of world cinema masterpieces that have become classics. View them on the big screen in excellent quality always comes a large number of viewers.

Another “trick” of these cinemas is the author's, fiction and documentary film festivals, the most famous of which is “Viva Cinema of Russia!”. This festival has been held for more than two decades. Over 400 films by Russian authors and over a hundred retrospectives devoted to outstanding figures of cinema were presented at it. Surprisingly, the entrance to the festival shows for all is absolutely free. More than a million people have attended this event since its inception.

Cinema Angleter Cinema

Hotel Angleterre was built for the 300th anniversary of the Romanovs' house and became one of the best in Europe. And today it amazes with its exquisite chic and sophistication. Located in the historic center of the city, next to St. Isaac's Cathedral, it attracts thousands of tourists. In addition, many historical events took place within its walls.

Angleter Cinema St. Petersburg

Cinema Angleterre (St. Petersburg) can not be ordinary by definition. In such a status institution, everything should be top notch. Here movies are shown only in the original language. Here come the lovers of good old and new cinema, to see and hear it the way it was intended by the director, to hear the real voices of the stars of world cinema. This is an opportunity to learn a foreign language, learn speech turns, which you will not find even in the best textbooks. For those who do not speak the language perfectly, there is a sign language in Russian. There are screenings in English, Finnish, French, Spanish, Italian and other languages.

Address: Angleterre cinema, St. Petersburg, Malaya Morskaya Street, 24. Angleterre Hotel. Visitors speak of this place as one of the best in the city. Here, in the heart of the city, in a luxurious setting, you can watch films in different languages. Hear the voices and intonations of the heroes of Leonardo di Caprio, Johnny Depp, George Clooney or Sophia Loren. For many, being in the walls where Yesenin and Mayakovsky used to be, the most famous heroes of our time, are already a great pleasure.


Cinema Aurora (St. Petersburg, Nevsky Prospect, 60) has one of the largest halls in the city, designed for 581 visitors. In it you can watch movies on a huge screen of 100 square meters. You can watch sessions both from the balcony and from the stalls. The second hall is designed for only 100 seats and belongs to the VIP-class. It has a bar and comfortable tables at the chairs.

Cinema Aurora St. Petersburg

Both halls are equipped with the most modern equipment, allowing to show films of different formats. The sound system is also of the highest quality. The pleasure of attending film shows of this level is incomparable to others. Those who once visited the Aurora cinema (St. Petersburg) return here again and again as one of the favorite places in the city.

Mirage Cinema in the Atlantic City shopping mall

Cinema "Mirage Cinema Atlantic City" is located at: Savushkina Street, 126, in the building of a shopping center. It has five VIP rooms, two comfortable lounge areas decorated in fusion style, and three bars offering exquisite drinks and creative dishes. To the services of visitors - underground parking.

mirage blue-atlantic city

Reviews of those who have been to sessions in any of the halls are full of delight.Excellent sound, high-quality image, service at the highest level and, of course, good films do not leave anyone indifferent. Here you can not only get acquainted with the novelties of the world cinema, but also hold a romantic date, a family celebration or a business presentation.


“Rodina” is a cinema (St. Petersburg), located at the address: Karavannaya Street, 12. The building was erected at the beginning of the last century and belongs to the cultural heritage of the capital. Visitors are invited to watch a movie in two rooms.

“Rodina” is a cinema (St. Petersburg), which is engaged in film education for citizens and guests of the Northern capital. Here are held film festivals, which showcase copyright, non-commercial, festival, non-fiction and animated films. For achievements in this area, the cinema received a medal from Lenfilm.

home cinema st petersburg

The repertoire of films is extensive and varied, in this regard, "Motherland" is out of competition. It shows cartoons and films of the Soviet period, the best works of Russian cinema, as well as foreign films that are worth watching for every intelligent citizen of the country.In the large and small halls you can watch movies in different formats. Spectators come to this cinema with families, instilling in the younger generation a love for quality cinema.


Cinema "Art" has 7 rooms. The four small, designed for 130 seats, equipped with comfortable chairs for comfortable viewing. There is a premier room with 250 seats. There are premieres of films, as well as various festivals. There is also a VIP-room, where you can have a good time in a company of up to 28 people.

cinema in St. Petersburg

Cinemas in St. Petersburg - a phenomenon not infrequent. But all of them are popular with the townspeople and find their audience.

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