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Every parent is constantly thinking about how to ensure their child's safety in a given situation. Most often danger lurks us on the road. It is for this reason that the choice of a reliable way to transport one’s child is a very important question for many. The choice of retention means sometimes takes quite a lot of time, because on the shelves of stores there are a huge number of systems and devices: from retaining devices to expensive and multifunctional chairs. Gained huge popularitychild restraint fest.What is it like and is it comfortable?

child restraint fest

The need to use special means for transporting children

Conventional seat belts installed in all vehicles are not designed for transporting children and teenagers. Moreover, their use can be dangerous for small passengers. The design of seat belts is designed in such a way that each belt must be placed on certain areas of the body in order to provide reliable protection.On the body of the child, the safety belts will be held in the wrong places, thereby creating a threat to his life and health, moreover, they will not be able to limit the activity of the baby, creating interference for the driver of the vehicle.

What is a FEST holding device?

presented above, which is a combination of several protective elements, allowing to adapt conventional seat belts for fastening the child. The design is intended for fastening a person weighing from 9 to 36 kg and is permissible for use from 3 years of age.

FEST child restraint allowed

Elements of the protective device:

  • The belt, which due to the possibility of regulation, can be used for a child of different height and weight.
  • Child restraint Fest.
  • Fixing elements of the device, which are firmly fixed on the belts and provide a comfortable ride and reliable protection.

Thanks to this device it is possible to fix the position reliably, and to place the seat belts in the necessary places on the child's body. This ensures a smooth ride to the driver of the vehicle, and parents can rest assured that their child is securely fixed in the seat.

Advantages of using a holding structure

The use of this device has many advantages over other means intended for the transport of children:

  • Low cost. The price for this design is quite acceptable and everyone can afford it. In stores, the cost of the device varies from 450 to 700 rubles.
  • Practicality. The design is intended for the transport of children weighing from 9 to 36 kg who have reached the age of 3 years. The secret lies in the use of additional straps for fixing the legs. When the baby grows up and the need to use them disappears, the belts can be easily removed, and the device can continue to be used.
  • Compactness. A small volume of the device, as well as its small size, will allow finding a place to store it in even the smallest apartment or car.
  • Convenience mount.Child restraint FEST, buttonswhich easily and quickly unfasten and fasten, allows you to use the entire system only when necessary. This plus design is simply indispensable for those family members who have to carry the child infrequently. DCE FEST devicecan be easily removed and put away in the glove box or trunk.
  • Convenience. The small size of the structure does not take place in the vehicle, so it is not even necessary to remove it before putting another passenger on the seat. Unlike special chairs,child restraint festwill not create additional inconvenience. Often, some drivers do not remove child seats installed using the ISOFIX system, because their mounting is quite a laborious and troublesome task.

child restraint FEST traffic police

Use of construction

Using the restraint is easy enough and mastering the entire system is not difficult. It can be installed on any seat belts, both in the front and rear seats, and on both sides. With the help of buttons, the design is attached to the belt, after which you can safely plant the child. The whole procedure of installation design will not take you more than 5 minutes.

According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, the construction can be used from the age of three.

Certificate. Fest child restraint

The device FEST has been manufactured in Russia since 2007 and is in great demand, having a lot of advantages over massive and expensive child seats.

According to the manufacturer, the device has a certificate of conformity and meets all the required legal norms. As reported on the official website, the device has passed the necessary tests and is recognized not only in Russia, but also in the countries of the European Union.

Child restraint FEST: traffic police against

Despite the massive popularity of the FEST system, traffic police officers oppose its use. Law enforcement agencies often receive complaints from outraged car owners who use restraints on received administrative protocols.

Fest child restraint photo

The traffic police officers argue that the design does not provide the main safety condition - it does not sufficiently restrict the mobility of the passenger. In the event of an unexpected braking of the car, they will not be able to protect the child. Excessive activity of a small passenger can create an additional threat during the movement of the vehicle.

Strength tests

According to the State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation, FSUE “NAMI” restraints not only did not pass the necessary tests in Russia, their use can be dangerous for young passengers. The use of this equipment can not go in comparison with specialized child seats.

Moreover, according to the data of European scientific organizations, although this system was launched onto the market, it did not justify itself and was banned for use in 2012.

child restraint fest reviews

According to the results of the research, it was possible to reveal its inefficiency, as well as the inability to provide support and protection for the body and life of young passengers. The reason is the use of non-integral design, which in principle can not create the necessary conditions for protection.

According to international legislation, a child, while driving in a car, must be fastened with a reliable device that has been tested and meets the necessary safety standards.

Manufacturer country

There were child restraints of this model in Hungary. Here the system received all the necessary certificates of conformity and soon went on sale.FEST child restraint allowedit was here for several years, but soon the issue was discontinued and in 2013 they were outlawed. In Russia, sales of the system only increase every year.

child restraint fest buttons

Customer Reviews and Users

Child restraints fest reviewsbuyers get different. Many users are satisfied with the purchase due to its low cost, compactness and ease of use. However, it is worth noting that basically a similar purchase is made by persons who have to transport children infrequently (for example, grandparents, grandmothers and other relatives). Such a device was just a boon for taxi drivers, because the device does not even have to be removed before boarding another passenger. Despite the many advantages, parents still prefer the more serious designs - child seats. Their use seems safe and reliable to many.

FEST certificate child restraint

Instead of an afterword

Russian legislation does not literally prohibit the use of a FEST restraint, so when thinking about buying funds for transporting a child, the choice is always up to the buyer.

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