Car tires "Belshina": reviews, specifications and types

In the world there are many manufacturers of tires. Among them are many domestic companies. However, not all of them are popular. Recently, many motorists prefer the products of the company "Belshina". What is the reason for such popularity and what is the manufacturer? The company "Belshina" has a lot of reviews, in more detail about them - below.belshina reviews

About company

Belshina is a relatively young tire manufacturer. However, despite this, it already has several enterprises, each of which produces tires for a particular technology. Reviews "Belshina" from motorists receives in sufficient quantity in order to be able to assess the quality of products.

All company employees have experience in this field. They were additionally trained before starting work. The manufacturer often develops new technologies and introduces them into production, thanks to which the quality of products always grows.

The range of the company is huge, but despite this he is constantly complemented by new models. All tires meet the requirements and international standards.

In the first place, the company has set a goal to produce quality products and improve them.

Summer tires "Belshina" are distinguished by their wear resistance and high quality workmanship. Do not fall behind and winter models. Thanks to this, not only drivers for private cars, but also large organizations, as well as manufacturing plants, purchase products from the company. The most famous among them are MTZ, BelAZ, MAZ, Amkodor. Tires are also available for export. The company's products can be found in 51 countries of the world.

In Russia, winter tires "Belshina" are very popular. The fact is that when developing tires, the manufacturer takes into account all the peculiarities of the Russian climate. Therefore, tires provide comfort and safety while driving. The cost of production is lower in comparison with competitors.

The company was awarded the Golden Globe and the Arch of Europe prizes for its great contribution to the economy of its country. Also, Belshina often receives awards for various merits.


The company is ready to offer a variety of different tires. in the range there are more than 200 sizes. The company produces automobile tires "Belshina" for cars, trucks, buses, agricultural equipment and other vehicles.

Most models are radial.

Tires have a number of features. Here are some of them: tires for winter operation have special grooves on the tread through which the removal of moisture and snow occurs, therefore they are resistant to aquaplaning. The lamella surface is not perfectly flat, which contributes to improved grip.

The tread pattern on all tires is different and is divided into: road, winter, universal, directional, career and to overcome obstacles.

Tires from this manufacturer are made according to modern standards and have excellent properties, but they are not inferior to foreign analogues. Reviews of tires Belshina confirm this.winter tires belshina

"Belshina Artmotion Snow"

Winter tires "Belshina" (Belshina) of this model are designed for winter. They are available in diameters from R13 to R16. You can also choose by other dimensions. The manufacturer recommends installing these tires on cars of medium size.Tires prepared for cold winters with lots of snow.

The tread pattern is made in the form of the letter "V". In the center there is a longitudinal rib. Also, other grooves contribute to the most rapid removal of moisture and snow from the surface of tires, which ensures the preservation of adhesion with the road in almost any conditions.

Lamellae on the tread surface are located close to each other, therefore additional rigidity of the structure appears. The feedback on the Belshina tires indicates that this provides an improvement in the car’s dynamics, while making sharp maneuvers, the risk of skidding decreases, and cornering becomes easier.

"Belshina Bravado"

These tires are designed for commercial vehicles. They are resistant to stress. Also, the model differs not only in dimension, but also in other factors. It is chamber and tubeless. The main frame can be made of metal cord or textile. There are also special copies designed for cars "Gazelle". This is a great option to buy quality tires at low cost.summer tires belshinaOn the tread there are many coupling edges, which are formed by a variety of lamellae. Due to this, the contact surface becomes uneven, because of which the adhesion to the road surface is significantly improved.

Tires are able to maintain their properties even at low air temperatures down to -45 degrees. This was achieved by adding a huge amount of silica and polymeric materials. These tires "Belshina" reviews has a lot, which shows all its advantages.

"Belshina Artmotion"

This model is designed for summer operation of the vehicle. Thanks to the introduction of the latest technology, tires have shown excellent results. They made a worthy competition to foreign counterparts, but at a cost they are much lower.

During the movement of the tire does not create additional noise, therefore, contribute to obtaining comfort from the trip. Also, the tires ensure the safe operation of the vehicle, so the control becomes more tires belshina

In order to minimize additional noise, engineers changed several parameters at once. This largely depends on the location of the longitudinal rib, which, in addition to the exchange rate stability, provides noise suppression.This also contributes to the special arrangement of tread blocks.

Drainage system is given a lot of time. Therefore, tires are resistant to the effect of aquaplaning. This is achieved due to the presence of special grooves through which the most rapid removal of moisture occurs.

"Belshina Bel-171"

These tires can be used in any weather, as they are intended for all-season operation of the car. They are designed for minibuses. Thanks to the introduction of new technologies, tires help reduce fuel consumption and suppress additional noise. Tires are presented in sets of sizes.

The basis of the tire is metal cord, which has a high level of strength. Grip is maintained when driving on asphalt, ice or snow cover. In this case, the output of moisture and snow is guaranteed, since the drainage system has many special grooves.belshina tire reviews

Tires are made according to European standards, which is why they have made a worthy competition to foreign analogues. At the same time, the cost is much lower.

The rubber composition was developed specifically to maintain the properties at different temperatures. It includes rubber, carbon and dry rubber materials.Before adding to rubber, they are all tested. The result is quality products.

"Belshina Bi-522"

These tires are also designed for commercial vehicles. Their main feature is low cost, but at the same time high quality.winter tires belshina belshina

They can be installed on the car at any time of year, as the tires are all-season. These tires guarantee good traction not only on asphalt, but also other road surfaces.

On the tread blocks are arranged in such a way that the maximum area is in contact with the road. It provides excellent grip properties. Also on the tread are special grooves. They are necessary for the rapid removal of moisture and dirt from the surface of tires, with which cope.

"Belshina Artmotion HP"

Tires are a more developed model of tires of the same name. In their production, the latest technologies are applied, thanks to which the products are very high quality.

In the structure of tires there is an additional layer made of steel cord. This innovation has several advantages. They are important when driving at high speed.thanks to the additional layer, the driving stability and responsiveness of the steering system have been significantly improved, and the wheels react immediately when the steering wheel is turned. It also gives additional rigidity to the structure, which is necessary for making sharp maneuvers.

It also reduces fuel consumption. An extra layer significantly reduces tire wear.quality rubber belshina

Also changed and tread. It is now asymmetric and has more pronounced blocks. Due to this, the contact area of ​​tires with a road surface has become much larger, which has a positive effect on adhesion properties.

"Belshina Bel-157"

These tires are designed for passenger cars. Symmetrical tread design contributes to the development of a car at a higher speed than usual without degrading properties. The presence of two longitudinal ribs in the center provide directional stability, and also reduces braking distance. Reviews of "Belshin Bel-157" from motorists say that due to the longitudinal ribs width tire wear occurs evenly, while increasing resource.

The tires include unsaturated polymeric materials and silicone acid, due to which they have become more reliable.

"Belshina Bel-121"

The manufacturer recommends installing these tires on SUVs. The model is all-season. Tires have excellent grip when driving on asphalt, as well as passable properties in case you need to drive over rough terrain. The modified composition of tires protects the rubber from cuts and the appearance of hernias.

"Belshina Bel-123"

Tires are designed for summer operation of the car. They are suitable for heavy cars, as they are able to withstand enormous loads. Reviews on "Belshina" indicate that the tires retain their properties even at high speed. at the same time, the noise from them is minimal, since the protector is specially designed.

The drainage system has many grooves. Through them, in case of a collision with a puddle or other wet part of the road, moisture is removed as quickly as possible. Therefore, tires are resistant to the effect of aquaplaning. The longitudinal edge and pronounced lateral part allows for sharp maneuvers during movement. The quality of rubber "Belshina" is achieved due to the fact that polymeric materials are added to the rubber composition,Because of this, the properties of tires are preserved under harsh conditions and additional noise and vibrations are suppressed while driving on uneven roads.

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