Review of the car "Ford Focus 3" (wagon)

For seven years, Ford Focus 3 (wagon) has been one of the best-selling foreign cars on the Russian market. From spring last year to today, more than 60 thousand Russians have become the owners of the Focus. Such popularity of this car is quite understandable. Dynamic appearance, stylish comfortable lounge, powerful powertrain and excellent handling could not help but ignore the Russian motorists. And the similarity of the Ford Focus 3 wagon with sports cars made it popular among young people.

Ford Focus 3 wagon

Salon auto

Developers when creating the "Ford Focus 3" station wagon tried to combine the spaciousness of the station wagon with the dynamics of a hatchback. Unlike a sedan and a hatchback, the salon of a car leaves a little less place for the driver and the front passenger. But this does not mean that those sitting in front will rest with their knees on the front panel. The space can be increased due to numerous seat adjustments.But the luggage compartment, in contrast to the "classmates" Ford Focus 3, is rather modest in size. The small but comfortable trunk is equipped with an automatically opening door. It provides an opening for things. But the volume of the department is very modest.

"Ford Focus 3": characteristics

cost ford focus 3The car is completed with a four-cylinder petrol turbo engine of 1.6 L and a two-liter diesel engine of 140 “horses”. The power units are paired with a six-step "mechanics" and six-mode "automatic". A peculiar developer know-how can be considered the replacement of petals on the steering wheel to control the automatic transmission with a special button on the box selector. Such a replacement did not affect the ease of operation of the wagon. Easy and responsive steering combined with an improved suspension and EcoBoost makes driving a car incredibly comfortable and enjoyable. It seems that the car literally feels the desire of the driver.

A little about the exterior

Ford Focus 3 Specifications

The appearance of the car "Ford Focus 3" (wagon) has already become familiar on our roads. However, this car can not be called mediocre. Detailed elements of the body, its proportionality and streamlined shape involuntarily catch the eye.Does not spoil the view, even a little massive ass. And the roof rails and a kind of spoiler imitation give the car a sporty touch.

The cost of "Ford Focus 3" in the station wagon

The most affordable modification of the station wagon is priced fairly modestly - at 634,000 rubles. However, it should be borne in mind that this is the most “slow-moving” version with a 65-horsepower engine and five-speed mechanics. The basic set of this version called “Trend” includes only the most necessary: ​​ABC, ESP, two airbags, an on-board computer and electric side windows of the front windows. The same equipment, but with a two-liter petrol engine in 150 liters. with., it is already about 700-730 thousand rubles. In terms of transmission, the version comes with both a six-speed manual transmission and a six-mode “robot”. Modification "Ford Focus 3 (wagon) Trend Sport" has already a more substantial set and a corresponding cost - at least 757 thousand rubles. But at this level, in addition to the "amenities" in the form of alloy wheels R16, heated seats, protivotumanok and side airbags, available and diesel version.

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