Calendula. Useful properties of yellow flowers

calendula beneficial propertiesThe plant, known for all its bright orange flowers and serves as a wonderful decoration of a home flower bed - calendula. Useful properties of this flower help to get rid of many diseases, so Calendula is so popular in the territory of the CIS countries, where it occurs very often. For medicinal purposes, the flowers of the plant are used directly, as well as the lower leaves, although much less often. Why so love Calendula?

Calendula: useful properties

On the basis of the flowers of this plant, which contain tannins, vitamin C, resins, oils (including essential), organic acids, volatile, carotene and calendars (orange), various ointments, decoctions and infusions are prepared. Due to their antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, calendula-based products have a very wide use.

For skin

Everyone knows calendula based ointment for problem skin. The plant perfectly heals wounds, helps to get rid of the effects of burns, wounds and ulcers.It can cope with cracks and dry skin of the hands, as well as be one of the right decisions when ridding the skin of acne, whitening freckles or pigment spots. "Marigold" calendula is used for all sorts of skin problems: sycosis, boils, scratches, etc.

Medicinal properties of calendula

calendula propertiesThe flowers have been used in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases such as ulcers, diseases of the liver and duodenum, intestines, and mucous membranes. They are also used as a means to cleanse the digestive system. Calendula can also be safely applied for cardiovascular diseases. Although before that you will need to consult a doctor. Orange flowers help calm the nervous system and lower blood pressure. The properties of calendula and its application do not end there. It will be useful for the fair sex to know that a breastfeeding plant will help to get rid of cracks, also treats cervical erosion, and contributes to the normalization of the cycle. Medieval women used these miracle flowers to seal their breasts and solve other female problems. Here is such a calendula! The beneficial properties of flowers help to cope with oral diseases such as stomatitis, tonsillitis, cure angina, pharyngitis, eliminate cough,remove stones from the bladder. Calendula is also used in cooking - as a seasoning for meat and other dishes.

calendula healing propertiesCalendula: beneficial properties and contraindications

It should be noted that the frequent use of calendula-based decoctions is contraindicated for women, and pregnant women in general cannot be taken because of the threat of miscarriage. Also from the orange flowers should be abandoned patients with hypertension and acute exacerbations of gastrointestinal diseases. Calendula is not recommended to be used in combination with valerian, catnip and motherwort, because it enhances their properties.

Self-treatment with calendula-based products can cause unpleasant consequences for the body, therefore, in case of serious problems, it is advisable to contact your doctor. But in the absence of contraindications, calendula is a wonderful thing.

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Calendula. Useful properties of yellow flowers 4

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