Braginsky Emil Veniaminovich, Russian playwright and screenwriter: biography, creativity

Braginsky Emil - famous Soviet and Russian playwright, screenwriter. He has the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR, laureate of the State Prize.

Braginsky Emil

Biography of the playwright

Bragin Emil was born in Moscow in 1921. After school, he entered the Moscow Law Institute. He graduated from high school in 1953.

But he chose his life path not related to the legal sphere. He decided to become a scriptwriter. Braginsky Emil Veniaminovich made his debut in the spy adventure film Yuri Vyshinsky "In the square 45". This is a story about an air base located near the border. The main task of its employees is to provide timely assistance to border guards. After a fire happens in the forest, rookie Valentin Volgin shows hesitancy and is late with a jump.He is painfully experiencing his failure. Soon he has the opportunity to rehabilitate himself on a new task.

watch out for the car

Creative union

Emil Braginsky and Eldar Ryazanov created a creative union in the early 60s. After that, real fame came to them. Their first work, released on large screens, was the comedy "Beware of the car", which is still popular and loved by the audience.

Soon it was followed by the films "Zigzag of Fortune", "The Incredible Adventures of Italians in Russia", "Office Romance", "The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!", "The Old Men-Robbers". This, perhaps, was the most successful cinema duet of the director and screenwriter. Almost every picture of them had unprecedented success with the audience.

Braginsky Emil Veniaminovich

Works with other directors

It should be noted that the Bragin Emil was not limited to working exclusively with Ryazanov. He wrote the script for films and other directors.

With Naum Birman, he filmed the comedy melodrama "The Singing Teacher", with Alla Surikova the drama "Vanity of Vanities", with Vasily Pichul the lyrical comedy "I want to tell you ...", with Leonid Kvinihidze another lyrical comedy "The Artist from Gribov"

Often, the Bragin Emil worked in collaboration. With Valentin Chernykh, he wrote the script for Vladimir Kuchinsky’s drama Love With Privileges, and a little later the same duet proposed a new script for Alla Surikova. So the film "Moscow Holidays" appeared.

One of the last works of the famous screenwriter was the comedy "Still Waters". She also took Eldar Ryazanov. This is a story about a talented surgeon who decides to leave his wife, who tortured him with his authority and bitchiness. From her, he hides in the deaf village of Silent Omuty, with his friend, the head of the reserve.

There is a detective line in this lyrical story. In parallel with his disappearance, a large amount of money disappears from the account of the main character. The investigation is initiated by two women - an investigator and a journalist.

Bragin family

Emil Braginsky married on the eve of World War II. His favorite was the beautiful Irma, whom he loved crazy.

Wife was with him in all difficulties. Especially her help and support was required in 1975, when Braginsky suffered a heart attack. Doctors told Irma Efremovna the terrible news that her husband would live a maximum of two days.

And when he was discharged from the hospital a week later, the doctors gave him about two years. As a result, Braginsky lived another 24 years.

The writer died in May 1998 at the airport when he returned from Paris. Right during passport control. Doctors tried to give him emergency help, but it turned out that it was a heart attack. The second in his life. May 26, Braginsky died. He is buried in Moscow at the Vagankovo ​​cemetery.

His son followed in the footsteps of his father, engaged in creative work. Became an artist. Now she teaches at the State Institute of Culture.

Beavers follow the trail

"Watch out for the car"

In memory of millions of fans of Soviet cinema, Braginsky remained as a screenwriter of famous comedies. One of the first pictures that brought him unprecedented success is the tragic comedy of Eldar Ryazanov, which this chapter is devoted to.

The main roles were played by Innokenty Smoktunovsky, Oleg Efremov, Andrey Mironov, Anatoly Papanov. In the center of the story that Braginsky invented, a shy and shy insurance agent. Previously, he worked as a driver, but after the accident he decided to move to a more relaxed job. His name is Yuri Detochkin, in his free time he plays in a local amateur.

Detochkin is modern Robin Hood. He hijacks cars from bribe takers and speculators, sells them and transfers money to orphanages. Ironically, in one performance with him plays the investigator Maxim Podberezovikov, who is assigned to uncover a series of hijackings.

Detochkin kidnaps another car from Dmitry Semitsvetov, a seller in a thrift shop. His main character hijacks the car only on the third attempt, bribing a crane operator and lifting the garage in the yard.

Podrezovikov attacks the trail of the criminal. There is a serious ethical conflict between the main characters.

Emil Barginsky books

"Zigzag of luck"

In 1968, Braginsky together with Ryazanov shoots one more comedy - "Zigzag of Luck."

This is a New Year's Eve story about an employee of a photo studio Vladimir Oreshnikov (played by Yevgeny Leonov), who decides to play a lottery with public money. His colleagues are initially outraged by this act, and then forced to share when they find out that he got a big win.

An important place in the picture occupy a romantic relationship between the characters. Hazel is in love with Olya, who works as a cashier at Sberbank.But when he becomes rich, she begins to notice the pettiness in him and changes his mind to go beyond the photographer.

The chairman of the local committee of the photo studio Alevtina Vasilyevna is an old maid whom her elderly parents help her husband to find. A photographer Lidia S. on the verge of a divorce from her husband.

True, as a result, this New Year's Eve story ends happily.

"Beavers are following the trail"

Braginsky worked not only on films. In 1969, he shot together with the director Mikhail Kamenetsky a puppet cartoon.

The action takes place in the reserve, where it is prohibited to catch any fish. On guard of the reservoir is an experienced beaver with a gun. Previously, the only enemy of the inhabitants of the pond was a pike, but after it was caught, all those around them considered that the need for a security guard had long since disappeared. Therefore, the old beaver often sleeps at his post, without hearing or seeing anything.

But here young beavers detectives find a fish skeleton near the pond. Who again hunts for fish, to be found out to heroes.

The cartoon was a continuation of the animated picture "Caution, Pike", which came out on screens two years before. True, Braginsky was not involved in its creation.

plays of Emil Braginsky

Screen adaptation of works

The plays of Emil Braginsky formed the basis of most of the scripts written by him. For example, it was with the comedy "The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!".

Originally, the play, written by Braginsky in collaboration with Ryazanov, was called "Enjoy Your Bath, or Once Upon a New Year's Eve." By the time of the shooting of the film, which took place in 1975, it was successfully performed in several Soviet theaters. Emil Braginsky, whose books were known and loved by many Soviet readers, had the gift of creating comedy plays.

Today it is the most beloved New Year's comedy in the entire post-Soviet space, which has become one of the symbols of the New Year.

As the famous house number 25 on 3rd Street Builders, because of which the confusion began, two typical panel high-rise buildings appeared at once. They were on Vernadsky Avenue.

The film had a huge impact on the development of culture in the Soviet Union. In 1981, he was even mentioned by Leonid Brezhnev at a congress of the CPSU, criticizing urban planning, which is often devoid of diversity and expressiveness.

In 2007, the popular contemporary director Timur Bekmambetov shot a sequel to this film, which he called "The Irony of Fate. Continued". Moreover, a similar film was shot even in India. It was called "I love the New Year."The heroes were given Indian names, Moscow and Leningrad were replaced by Chicago and New York, and the rest of the plot completely repeats the story invented by Braginsky and Ryazanov.

Joint failure

Perhaps the most unsuccessful work of the tandem is to recognize the tragicomedy of 1971 "The Old Robber Men". Despite the star cast - the main roles were performed by Yevgeny Evstigneev, Yuri Nikulin, Andrei Mironov, the film received low reviews from critics and spectators.

Emil Braginsky, whose biography was associated with constant success, this time was not his destiny, which is why he was very worried.

This is a story about investigator Myachikove, who is going to retire. In his place has already arrived a new young employee who is eager to fight. But the Balls do not want to leave. Then his friend, the engineer Vorobiev, himself recently retired, offers a bold plan. Himself to commit the crime of the century, and then reveal it, thus gaining an advantage in the eyes of the authorities.

Needless to say, this plan ultimately fails, just like the film itself.

Emil Braginsky and Eldar Ryazanov


Another tragicomedy of Ryazanov and Braginsky, which became a classic of Soviet cinema, is the painting Garage.

It is noteworthy that the story told in the film took place in reality.Participant of the garage-building cooperative "Mosfilm" was Ryazanov himself. In many ways, he described his own experience. He also had to face a reduction in the number of shareholders after the start of construction of a new highway.

The unexpected behavior of colleagues, the manifestation in the seemingly well-known people of the worst qualities so impressed Ryazanov that he decided to tell about it from the screen.

Emil Braginsky, having shown his talent as a screenwriter in full, helped his friend and director to realize this idea. Such famous actors as Lia Akhedzhakova, Svetlana Nemolyaeva, Valentin Gaft, Georgy Burkov, Vyacheslav Nevinny, Andrei Myagkov played in the film. The uniqueness of the picture lies in the fact that almost all the action takes place in one room. It was one of the most beloved works of Braginsky.

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