Borsch recipe in multivark

borsch recipe in a multivariateBorscht is the most recognizable soup in our country. He can not be confused with anything. Ruby brown, white island of sour cream in the center of the plate. Piece of art! Each lady has a borscht flavor, there is not a single similar. And why? It seems that the underlying reason here is this: the usual vegetable soup, spread throughout Western Europe, as a result, there are national and regional nuances. For example, in the central strip of Russia the emphasis is on beets. It is thanks to her that a rich ruby ​​color is obtained. But closer to the Ukrainian territories - for tomatoes, and the soup is red, not burgundy. By the way, there and vegetables prefer to fry more than to stew. Hence, there are so many contradictions. But, whatever one may say, the basis of soup alone is a rich meat broth. Here, by the way, also your preferences. Some people have always cooked it only on fat pork ribs, and others like a beef bone marrow.

We will consider the classic borsch recipe inmultivark. It is this "miracle of engineering thought" that can create a masterpiece. So, we cook the basis, that is, the broth. He should be given enough attention. If you decide to use beef, then you can safely leave it for the night, the broth will only be stronger and tastier. Pork is better not to digest, it will be enough for three hours (maximum), the chicken will require no more than two hours of time.

that they cook in a multivariate

The borsch recipe in a multivarquet, in a stove or just ina pot on the stove can not do without vegetables. There are several subtleties that are worth considering. The first is the choice of potatoes. Experts advise you to choose well-brewed varieties, but if you do not like the collapsed potatoes, you can take and varieties suitable for frying, they will keep the shape until the very end.

The next nuance, without which no recipeborscht in a multivark or a saucepan will not be able to do, this is a certain sort of beet. Only properly selected vegetable can not lose its color during cooking, do not become gray-brown. By the way, the vinegar and sugar added during the frying will help to keep the beet shade. Do not be afraid to add a tablespoon of sugar to the soup, as it will balance the acid of tomatoes, and the soup will make it more saturated.

When everything is ready for cooking (vegetables are selected andcleaned, broth welded), "assembly" begins. Here you will have to follow the borsch recipe. In a multivarker, you can cook, putting it all together and turning on the "quenching" or "soup" mode (depending on the model) for a couple of hours. This option can be safely called Old Russian, as this is how the vegetable soups in Russia languished. Ukrainian and Cossack borsch requires separate roasting of all ingredients and subsequent insisting. This borsch is good the next day.

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Regardless of which recipe you choose, the compositionproducts will not differ. Borsch consists of onions, carrots, potatoes, cabbage, beets and strong meat broth. Salt, spices and greens each adds to taste. Serve the dish with garlic bread and sour cream.

Soups - this is the most delicious of what is prepared in a multivariate. They are made rich and fragrant. The main advantage of this device in the simplicity of preparing dishes of excellent quality.

What delicious to cook in a multivarker, except borsch? Yes, anything. Casseroles and biscuits, aza in Tatar, goulash in Hungarian style, steamed burgers and cabbage rolls. Create, a multivarker will help you.

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