Biography Shahzody Matchanova. Her creative path

The biography of the actress Shahzody Matchanova is rich in bright events, despite her very young age. This fact can only say one thing - the girl is very talented, and in the future she, perhaps, will become famous.

Basic information from the life of an actress

Biography Shahzody Matchanova tells numerous fans of the actress's work about interesting facts of her life. But as you know, true fans want to know everything about their idol.

Biography of Shakhzody

  • She was born in Shakhzoda in Uzbekistan, in Nukus. 8 August 1987 year - the date of its birth.
  • The girl studied in a prestigious educational institution - the University of World Economy and Diplomacy.
  • Shakhzoda is not married, but, according to the girl herself, her heart is busy.
  • She is currently an actress of Uzbek cinema, although she has no special acting education.

How the acting career began

Shahzoda biography

Shakhzoda never dreamed of becoming an actress, because by nature she is very shy. Becoming a public person was not her goal. Therefore, studying at the university and the chosen specialty the girl was quite happy.

But it happened that one day she was attracted by the director of "Uzbekfilm". He invited Shahzoda to participate in the samples. She accepted the invitation and came to the first photographic tests, accompanied by her parents.

The result of the first experiment was the refusal - the screen test of the girl did not pass, as her appearance did not match the image of the heroine of the film. Shahzoda successfully continued her studies at the university, and information about her remained in the archives of the film company.

Two years later, the film director Zebo Navruzov used archival materials. She again invited the girl to screen tests, which this time were successful.

The debut picture of the actress was the film "April-May". Since that time, the biography of Shahzoda Matchanova is inextricably linked with cinema.

The series "Dorm"

Shahzoda acquired great popularity in Russia and other CIS countries after filming in the TV series "Obshchaga." Many liked the modest and naive Tahmina, the image of which was conveyed by the actress.

The film raises serious problems of combating social prejudices that exist in modern life. They relate to the relationship between citizens and residents of provincial regions. Questions of ethnicity are also acute in the film.

Heroes of the series give youth an example of purposefulness and self-education. The film shows life as it really is: differences in people's living standards, corruption, lack of tolerance.

But it shows a bright, pure, sincere love that leaves no one indifferent.

Shahzoda herself admits that she is as modest in life as her heroine, but she does not want to be naive, like Takhmina.

The atmosphere of filming the film, working with partners left a very good impression. Participating in the shootings, the actress received professional growth, and the creative biography of Shahzoda was enlarged with a bright page.

Creative plans of Shahzoda Matchanova

In an interview with journalists, the actress admits that in addition to her acting career, she would like to try herself as a singer.

Shahzoda matchmaking biography

Questions of a political nature are also of interest to the girl, and she does not exclude the fact that one day she will be heard of as a politician.

The girl is seriously interested in literature, art, sports. This shows the diversity of nature, the breadth of views, which, undoubtedly, will lead her to great achievements in life.

As for the work in the cinema, Shahzoda mentions the existence of a period when she wanted to take a break to rethink, reevaluate all played. Rest has benefited, because already now the actress is full of creative plans and ideas.

Personal life Shahzody

Shahzoda photo

The questions of the personal life of actors and other popular personalities always arouse great interest not only among fans, but also those who dislike the "stars." On the one hand, this is a simple human curiosity, and on the other - perhaps, people want to learn something from the personal experience of the famous person.

Shahzoda Matchanov, whose biography interests thousands of people, is no exception. Personal issues are often asked by journalists, fans of the actress in social networks.

Shahzoda herself tries to answer all the questions openly, without concealment. Photos of the girl, who are in large numbers on the Internet, can also tell a lot about their personal lives.

Very interesting and informative are the entries in the diary, which from time to time leaves Shahzoda on a personal website on the Internet. After reading them you can not remain indifferent. At the same time, you are even more convinced of the true talent and depth of the person who left these records.


personal life Shakhzody

Shahzoda, whose biography becomes richer every year, has in her creative luggage about 20 works in the cinema. And this is only for 7 years of his efforts on the set.

Colleagues and filmmakers who worked with the actress, note her diligence, the pursuit of excellence. She is a thinking person, always appreciates what she did.

In the films of the heroine of Shahzoda Matchanova, problems are raised that concern not only the youth of Uzbekistan, but also of other countries. These are the issues of creating a family and the birth of children, the relationship between a man and a woman. These topics are especially relevant for the women of the East. The questions of the relations of the older and younger generations do not leave anyone indifferent.

The work of the actress is marked by many awards and incentive awards of various levels, including state ones.

Biography Shakhzoda interests many. Its authority among the youth and the female part of the population of Uzbekistan is very high, as Shahzoda Matchanov uses the lips of her heroines to raise the most exciting topics.

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