The drug "betahistine": analogues, instructions for use and reviews

The causes of problems with may be different. Most often thisold age, all sorts of infections, diseases of the cardiovascular system, etc. Many modern drugs can help a patient with such disorders. For example, the drug is quite effective in treating patients with impaired orientation in space."Betagistin".AnalogThis drug in the pharmacy will not be difficult to pick up. However, unfortunately, in most cases, these drugs have many contraindications or are more expensive.

Release form and composition of the drug

This drug is supplied to pharmacies in the form of tablets packed incell filmand cardboard packs. Its main active ingredient isbetahistine dihydrochloride.Also included in the medication are additional components such as talc, aerosil, citric acid monohydrate and calcium stearate.

betahistine analogue

If desired, the pharmacy can purchase a package of this medication from 10, 15or 3024 mg tablets.Attached, of course, also to the drug "Betahistin"instructions for use. Reviews (analogues ofMoreover, such a supplement most often also has) this medicine has deserved good from consumers, including for it.

How does the medicine work?

Once in the human body, the active ingredient of the drug Betahistin begins to stimulate the receptors of the vestibular nuclei of the central nervous system and the inner ear. Also indirectly, it improves capillary permeability and blood microcirculation, normalizes pressure in the cochlea and the maze. Another beneficial effect of this medicine is that it improves blood flow inbasilar artery.

Outwardly, such an action of the drug "Betahistin" is manifested:

  • a decrease in the intensity and frequency of vertigo;

  • reduced tinnitus;

  • improvement in hearing.

It is believed that a stable therapeutic effect when taking this medication occurs approximately two weeks after the start of the course.

betahistine reviews analogues

Communication with blood proteins in this drug is low. After ingestion, it is absorbed almost completely. Its maximum concentration in the blood is reached in about 3-4 hours after administration.Metabolized by "Betatruths in the kidneys. He is completely removed from the patient’s body after 24 hours.

"Betagistin": the most popular drug analogues

There are quite a few drugs with the same pharmacological effect on the market today. But the most popular analogues of this medicine are:

  • "Tagista".This tool costs about the same as Betahistin. It is also sold in tablets and discharged to patients in the same cases.

  • "Vestibo."This medicine is also often replaced."Betagistin". Analogue ethat, according to many patients, is quite effective.However, he has, unfortunately, a lot of contraindications. You can not take this medicine, for example, with a stomach ulcer and bronchial asthma. "Betahistine "in such cases, albeit with caution, but it can still be discharged. It is worth "Vestibo" much more expensive than this medicine.

  • "Cinnarizin".This is perhaps the best analogue of "Betahistin" today. This drug is much cheaper. The effect of its use is the same as when using "Betahistin".

  • «Vestikap. This drug, like “Tsinnarizin”, is produced by domestic companies and is relatively inexpensive. He is appointed in the same cases as Betahistin.But it is marketed in the form of capsules packed in blisters, not pills.

There isand much more expensivedrugBetagistin "analogue -"Betaserk." This drug is produced in the Netherlands and has exactly the same composition. In fact, "Betagistin" is a domestic generic "Betaserk."

Replace "Betahistin" on their own analogs, of course, impossible. To take any medication with the same pharmacological action should be exclusively prescribed by a doctor. Yes, and sold all the drugs listed in the list above, in pharmacies only by prescription.

betahistine instruction analogues

Above we reviewed the most popular for the drug."Betahistin" analogues. What's betterto take — an expensive substitute for this drug or a cheap one — the patient himself must decide, of course. If there is not enough finance, perhaps it is worth choosing an analogue such as "Zinnarizin" or "Tagista" Same peoplefor which the price of medicines does not really matter, it is better to buy better quality Vestoby or Betaserk. Both of these drugs are branded and the manufacturer is responsible for the accuracy of their composition with their reputation.

Indications and contraindications

This drug is prescribed by doctors with suchproblems like:

  • vestibular vertigo of a different nature;

  • Meniere's syndrome (with dizziness, tinnitus, hearing impairment).

Do not take this medicine to people:

  • with intolerance to any of its components;

  • during pregnancy (studies of the effect on the fetus were not conducted);

  • during lactation (the drug can penetrate into the milk).

Do not be prescribed by doctors this drug and children under 18 years. Unfortunately, there were no studies regarding its influence on a growing organism.

 betahistine analogues which is better

Instructions for use

Take pills "Betagistin" put with meals. They are usually appointed in the dosage of 1 pc. twice a day. The duration of the course for each patient is selected individually. When choosing a method of treatment with the use of this drug, the doctor takes into account first of all the reaction of the patient's body to this remedy. Most often, the treatment with the drug "betahistine" lasts about 2-3 weeks.

What side effects can have

Here is such an instruction for Betahistin medication. Analogs are also often supplied in tablets and taken orally.Unlike many drugs with the same therapeutic effect, Betahistin is considered a relatively safe remedy. However, this medicine may still have a negative effect on the body of patients. Side effects of this medication are:

  • skin rash, urticaria;

  • angioedema;

  • nausea, discomfort in the epigastric region.

The ability to concentrate the attention of the patient, this drug has no negative effect. Therefore, when passing a course using this tool, it is allowed to drive a car and perform work that requires quick reaction (if the symptoms of the disease itself do not prevent this).

betahistine instructions for use

In case of overdose of this medication, patients usually experience:

  • vomiting and nausea;

  • convulsions.

If these symptoms appear, after treatment, Betahistin will be treated with the usual symptomatic therapy.

Opinion of patients

From consumers very well deserved drug"Betahistine" reviews. Analogs eHe is in most cases considered to be less effective.Especially xgood opinion about this medicine has developed in people with vertigo

Helps patients with similar problems.this medicine, judging by the reviews, is already from the first pill. Manysick with dizzinessThis medicine is even called a “domestic masterpiece”.Oftenconsumers also note the fact that this drug speeds up the perception of information.Sometimes this medicine relieves people who take it and nausea.

The advantages of the drug "Betahistine", many patients include and its rather low cost. Too much treatment, carried out with its use, does not affect the family budget.

There are no negative reviews on the Web and in relation to the taste of this drug. Patients who drink it do not usually experience any discomfort in this regard. To taste pills "Betagistin" resemble salty, sour chalk. Everything else, judging by the reviews, they also very quickly dissolve in the mouth.

betahistine instructions for use reviews analogs

Cons of the drug

The disadvantage of this medication, according to many consumers, is that it doesn’t effectively remove tinnitus.Despite the fact that taking in such cases allows the drug"Betahistin" instructions for use, analoguesits effect on such patients is often more effective.Sometimes patients take heartburn, diarrhea and nausea while taking this medication.

How much is the drug and some of its analogues

"Betahistin" is sold in pharmacies for about 200 rubles per pack of 30 tablets. For comparison:

  • The price for Vestibo is200-350R. for 30 pieces;

  • "Tagista" is 73 p. for 30 tablets;

  • price for "Vestikap" depending on the supplier may be 260-300 p. for 30 capsules.

betahistine drug analogues

The cheapest medicine"Betagistin" analog"Cinnarizin".Price of itmakes only 40 rubles for 50 tablets. Foreign original of this drug "Betaserk" number 30 costs about 600 rubles.

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