Bending of the uterus and pregnancy

Bending of the uterus and pregnancy. In the scientific language, the bending of the uterus sounds a little different. This is retroflexia of the uterus. It is worth noting that this diagnosis in many women does not inspire special hopes for pregnancy. Indeed, if a representative of the fair sex finds such a violation, getting pregnant is a bit more difficult for her than for a healthy woman. To date, doctors have already proven that the not quite right position of the uterus is rarely the cause of infertility. This happens in one case out of a million. However, with the right approach, a girl with a bending of the uterus will become pregnant. Bending of the uterus can develop in case of any inflammation in this area or in neighboring organs.

Bending of the uterus and pregnancy are differentConcepts that practically do not touch each other. The uterus is a muscular organ. It consists of neck and body. This organ is located in the cavity of the so-called small pelvis of the woman between the rectum and directly the bladder. The body of the uterus should be slightly tilted forward, while a certain angle is formed with the cervix of the uterus. Normally this obtuse angle is open from the front. If the uterus is bent in a woman, then its location is absolutely the opposite. It is open to the back.

Bending the uterus back and pregnancy, according toinexperienced women, the opposite. However, in case of such a deviation, you can still become pregnant. The main thing is to believe and try. It is necessary to identify the reasons for this location of the cervix and the body of the uterus. Retroflexia occurs with inflammation of the adhesion, appendages, rectum, endometriosis and so on. If the cause of the bending lies in such an inflammation, specialists are able to cope with this. They will eliminate inflammation, and the uterus will simply fall into its place.

What is the bend of the cervix? Both pregnancy and childbirth have a certain effect on the woman's body. Bending of the uterus can occur with a multiple pregnancy, for example, during pregnancy, the fifth or sixth child. It is explained simply. The ligaments with which the uterus is attached to the pelvis are weakened with age. As a result, its position changes, there is a bend. As mentioned above, the uterus is located in the very center of the small pelvis. But this is her position is very unstable. Bending the cervix is ​​a slight deviation of the position of this organ in any direction. Sometimes it twists, which happens just because of the weakening of the ligaments, which were mentioned earlier. An inclination, rotation, bending, or elation may also occur.

Bending of the uterus and pregnancy - the theme at all timesactual. In conclusion, it should be said that even a slight deviation from the norm in the position of this organ can be a common feature of the organism of a particular woman. However, in most cases, gynecologists diagnose other causes, that is, pathological deviations of the position of the genital organ from the norm. You can not ignore such a problem as bending the uterus. If a woman has been diagnosed with this condition, it is necessary to urgently tackle the organ that caused a change in the position of the uterus. Inflammation at an early stage is much easier to cure than an intractable disease. Otherwise, the future mother may lose the opportunity to have her own children, not because of any bending, but because of the inflammation of the neighboring organ. These can be ovaries, kidneys, which play an important role in the development of the female body and its genital function.

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