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The city, which has a population of more than twenty million, is visited by many travelers each year. And many of them arrive in the Middle Kingdom by air. What airports of Beijing meet passengers of liners? This will tell our article. We will stop at the main air harbor of the capital of China. But let's not forget about other airports in Beijing. Soon, another hub will be launched, which has already been granted international status. We will pay special attention to how to get from the main air gates of China to the city center.Beijing airports

All airports of beijing

The huge metropolis has as many as six harbors where planes come in for landing. But so far only one of them has the status of an international - Shoud. This airport is also called the Capital Capital or simply the Capital. This hub takes absolutely all international flights. Yes, and the lion’s share of domestic too.

The rest of Beijing’s airports, Badaling, Shahe, Xijiao, Lianxiang and Nanyuan, are more often used for military purposes.Civilian aircraft rarely start from their runways. So, if you arrive in Beijing from abroad and plan to continue to follow the air route to other cities in China, you do not need to go to other hubs. Everything is concentrated in one place, which, you see, is convenient.

The situation may change in the two thousand and nineteenth year, when its first flights will take Beydzhing Daksing. It is built to unload the Shoud. And while it is the only international airport in Beijing, let's consider its terminals, the arrivals and departures board, services and, most importantly, the options for the road to the city center.Beijing Airport terminals


The full name of this airport sounds like the Beijing Shoudu Goji Jichang. Translated, this means Beijing Capital International Airport. The Chinese shorten the long name to one word - Shoud.

The capital is ahead and leaves far behind not only all the other airports in Beijing. It is the largest air terminal in all of China. And in terms of passenger traffic, Shoud ranks second in the world. Daily at this airport is served one thousand one hundred flights.

In two thousand eight, the harbor took almost fifty six million passengers.According to this indicator, she entered the eight of the busiest airports in the world. If we continue to consider the Shoud from the point of view of loving statistics, then every year four hundred thousand take-offs / landings take place at the air port. According to this indicator, the airport ranks twenty-first in the world.Beijing International Airports


Shoud is also famous for being the first airport in China. It was opened in March, one thousand nine hundred and fifty-eight. At that time, there was only a small terminal, which was intended for VIP passengers. This building has survived now.

In the eightieth year, opened a large Terminal number 1. He could serve at the same time up to twelve aircraft. But in the late nineties and its capacity was not enough. The opening of Terminal 2 was timed to coincide with the fiftieth anniversary of the People's Republic of China. In addition, in the two thousand and fourth year opened after the reconstruction of T1. He was taken to serve China Soyuzern Aelins and several other airlines.

At the Olympics, two thousand and eight, guests were greeted by a renewed Beijing airport. Its terminals were supplemented with the third, the largest building. It is now included in the list of the largest in area in the world.The terminals are adjacent to three runways that are capable of receiving liners of any gravity and design.Beijing airport city

Shoud scheme

In short, we have already described Beijing International Airport. Arriving at the main air port of China will be enjoyable, and the time spent at the terminals will be comfortable. T1 and T2 are connected to each other by a covered passage. The third terminal stands alone, two kilometers from the rest. But between it and other buildings of the airport, free shuttle buses run regularly and at short intervals, as well as a train that travels a distance in two minutes.

If you arrived at the airport Capital from Russia, the Third Terminal will meet you. It focuses most international flights. The runway near it is capable of receiving a heavy Airbus A380.

If you plan to travel further to other cities in China, using the services of Air Qorio, Skyteam, China Eastern Aelinez and China Southern Airlines, you should reach the Second Terminal. T1 was last reconstructed in two thousand and eight. He now serves domestic flights operated by the HNA Group.How to get to Beijing airport


Passengers note the comfort and safety that distinguishes Beijing International Airport. Departures and arrival of flights are reflected not only on numerous boards, but also are announced in English.

All terminals have comfortable waiting rooms, shops, banking institutions, lockers, business centers, children's play areas, water and snacks, cafes and restaurants.

Especially striking is the comfort of the Third Terminal. There is a huge food court, which rightly bears its second name - "World Cuisine". Of course, passengers who have passed passport control and got into the neutral zone of the airport, are waiting for numerous duty-free. And if you made purchases in China for an amount not less than five hundred yuan, you can return part of the money by issuing a VAT refund. To do this, in terminal 2 or 3 you need to go with documents to the racks with the inscription Tax Refund.Beijing airport arrivals

Itinerary Beijing - Airport

The city and its air harbor share a good twenty kilometers. Shaudu is located in Shunyi, northeast of Beijing. Previously, the airport was connected to the city by a narrow highway. Fortunately, these times are already in the past.There is a high-speed highway, which is called “Airport”. It connects the Shoud to the northeastern suburbs of Beijing and the Third Ring Road.

For the Olympics two thousand and eight, several other highways were connected to the Capital Airport, as well as a light rail line. Now you can get to the air port by the roads:

  • "2 Expressway Airport" (from the southeastern tip of Beijing).
  • "Airport-North".
  • "Expressway Litian" (from the east of the capital).

You can get to the air harbor from the city center in forty minutes by taxi, if it goes along toll high-speed routes. If you booked an expensive hotel in Beijing, it will send you a special shuttle-bass.Beijing Airport departures

Public transport

A taxi ride will cost a passenger one hundred two hundred yuan. This price includes travel on one of the toll roads. Fees are often posted on the glass of the car. You should choose a taxi with a meter. The necessary address is rewritten with hieroglyphs to show the driver - not all of them are polyglots.

How to get to Beijing Airport by public transport? Naturally, bus routes also follow to the main international airport in Beijing. This is the cheapest way to get to the capital of China.After all, even a trip by express will cost five yuan. These buses run every ten to fifteen minutes.

Public transport in Beijing begins to run very early. For example, bus number 1 leaves from Cherry Garden to the airport as early as 4:40. However, late in the evening, getting to the Shoud will be problematic. The last bus, route No. 1, leaves the airport at half past ten.

Popular with tourists is the number 3. This bus goes to the train station. From terminals 2 and 3 there is an exit to electric trains. The fare in them costs 25 yuan. These trains go through Sanyuanqiao to Dongzhimen. At these two stations, you can transfer to a full subway.

The future of airports

In 2010, the construction of a new air port began. It is planned that by the year two thousand and nineteenth she will meet her first passengers. In the near future, the Capital and located forty kilometers south of the city center of Beydzhing Daksing are the main airports of Beijing. International flights will remain in the Capital. And all domestic traffic will be transferred to a new air port.

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