Beauty Salons (Saransk): rating based on reviews

Work with appearance must be skillful hands withusing high-quality cosmetic products, and therefore we included in the list of beauty salons (Saransk), whose rating was compiled on the basis of reviews of locusts and guests of this city. TOP of the most popular, fashionable and affordable places can be found in this list.

Popular salons of Saransk in the center

  • Barber shop "Monroe". Here you can make a woman's, man's haircut and manicure, a pedicure. Reception is by appointment. Address: shopping center "Versailles", Kommunisticheskaya st., 35.
  • "Smile". Provides a wide range of high-end hairdressing services. Here also works as a certified make-up artist. The specialists of the Salon pass permanent trainings and courses. Address: Lenin Ave., 13.
  • Hairdresser Barabas barbershop isone of the first in the popularity rating. Visitors to this workshop are flattering about staff work, affordable prices and quality of service, especially customers like the atmosphere and the ratio of prices and quality. There is a specialized professional men's studio (haircut and shaving). There are high-end stylists on cutting-edge technologies. Address: Lenin Avenue, Building 1.
  • Hairdresser Clouse belle works from 10 to 22.00. They use modern technologies and high-quality consumables. The salon is located in the building of the shopping and entertainment center "Ogarev Plaza". Address: Bogdana Khmelnitsky Street, 28.

Beauty shops Saransk

Places where you can get quality massage andpositive emotions, is, undoubtedly, massage beauty salons (Saransk). The city center is full of various establishments and all kinds of studios, but there are special ones, with an unforgettable atmosphere.

  • "Thai massage". There are various kinds of massage of the back, face, hands, feet. The salon has well-trained professional and certified craftsmen. Here you can get a full range of services. There is a tea room for clients, they are surrounded by an excellent relaxing interior. Address: 15 Kommunisticheskaya Street.
  • Thai SPA. It will help to remove stress and fatigue, experts will select an individual effective program. You can find the salon at: Communist, 59.

Beauty shops Saransk

Fashionable studios with a full range of services

Fresh novelties, modern techniques, hairdressing art on the basis of the latest fashion trends are represented by fashion studios and progressive beauty salons (Saransk).
"Infiniti" provides all types of service at a high level: hairdresser's, manicure and other beauty treatments, there is a solarium. Address: 25 Kommunisticheskaya Street.

Salon "Selena" offers hairdressing services,cosmetology, manicure, pedicure, nail extensions, waxing, hair lamination, shugaring, mirror turbosolarium. Immediately works as a cosmetologist. Address: 54 Kommunisticheskaya Street.

V & S is a hairdresser and a vertical solarium. Located on Bogdan Khmelnitsky Street, 35. It is located near the Millennium Square.

"Golden Dragonfly" spends all kinds ofhairdressing services, has a solarium, massage room. Stylists with many years of experience make beautiful evening and wedding hairstyles, provide all types of hairdressing services. Address: 10 Kommunisticheskaya Street.

Beauty shops Saransk south-west

Salons of premium class

Get a high-level service in a pleasanta relaxed modern environment with friendly, experienced masters is desired by all VIP-persons, and beauty salons (Saransk), which we will discuss further, are aimed specifically at such visitors.

  • "Christina": Here you will find cosmetology, manicure, pedicure, all kinds of hairdressing service, a professional make-up artist. The studio has experienced universal craftsmen, works with quality materials, offers beneficial discounts, has affordable prices. Address: Kommunisticheskaya Street, 36.
  • "Edem" - professional services of all kinds (male, female), make-up (evening, day time), nail service, pleasant discounts for customers. Address: Communist, 8.
  • Workshop of beauty Zakolichny. Here there are graduated high-level masters, who can get advice on hair care based on the latest trends and make any procedure qualitatively. Address: Proletarian, 106.
  • Yana Lyutova's workshop is a service for women,male master, hair care. The hairdresser works with materials of a premium class, gives discounts to clients, has a pleasant comfortable modern interior and professional masters. Address: Proletarskaya street, 25.
  • "Vintage". The studio is located in the central area of ​​the city near the gymnasium. Here you will find a pleasant clean interior and good-natured and friendly staff. Address: Lenin Ave., 17.
  • Beauty laboratory Jolielab: eyelash extensions, sugar depilation, high-end hairdressers, gift certificates. Located at Volgograd, 73.

Budget salons

Available beauty salons (Saransk), south-west:

  1. Black and White provide hairdressing services, a stylist-make-up artist. Address: Marina Raskova Street, Building 30.
  2. "Darling." Quality services at affordable prices, haircut for women from 200 rubles. Address: Prospekt 50 let Oktyabrya, 7.
  3. Hairdresser "Darina". Friendly staff, good quality services at affordable prices. Address: 99 Polezhaev Street.

Beauty salons Saransk, rating

Inexpensive beauty salons (Saransk), Svetotekhstroy district:

  1. "Adishi" (Kovalenko, 55, building 2): building, spa care, manicure, pedicure.
  2. "Lyudmila" (Kovalenko, 33): cosmetology, hairdresser, etc.
  3. Center "Podium" (Kovalenko, 50): hairdresser and manicure service.

If you need budgetary beauty salons (Saransk), the Himmash district offers the following:

  1. "Sandra Beauty" (Volgograd, 124). Women's haircut - from 280 rubles, men's - from 150 rubles.
  2. Hairdressing salon "Beauty" (the prospectus of 70 years of October, 77А). There is a solarium.

Oktyabrsky district:

  1. "Coquette" - services from 100 rubles. Prospect 70 years of October, 63.
  2. Treis - make-up studio, service for eyelash extension and eyebrow correction. Volgograd, 77.

Customer Testimonials

There are still in Saransk caramel. Here the haircut and styling are done, the visitors of this salon are very satisfied with the staff, the quality of service and the prices. Located at Ulyanova, 87. Beauty Salon "Style" in the south-west of Saransk receives not very flattering feedback from its visitors: they complain about inflated prices and the unprofessionalism of hairdressers. It is located on the prospectus of the 50th anniversary of October, house 36. The salon "Natasha", in which, according to the visitors, the staff is not quite friendly, and there are high prices and poor-quality services, you will find on Prospekt 50 October, house 11.

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