Baby mixes and reviews about them. Baby food for newborns

Breast milk is the most healthy food for a little toddler. Experts have proved that children who received breast milk for a year are healthier, calmer, and have strong immunity. No scientist was able to repeat its exact composition.

But there are situations when it is impossible to begin the process of lactation. In this case, the parents have the question "How to feed the baby?" The time has already passed when, starting from infancy, the child was fed with semolina and diluted homemade milk. This caused huge stomach problems, ranging from colic to indigestion.

Leading experts have developed infant formula, which is as close as possible to the composition of breast milk.

baby food mix

What you need to know when choosing a mixture

Before you buy infant formula for newborns, you need to consider and follow a few important rules.

  • Be sure to consult a pediatrician. He, like no one else, will correctly select baby mixes for a child, taking into account his individual characteristics (the presence of allergies, problems with the tummy, etc.).

  • Do not be lazy to go and find out the range in pharmacies and children's stores in your region. You should not choose a mixture if it remains in a small amount and the delivery of this brand is not planned.

  • Rate your material capabilities. It should be noted that per day you will need from 800 to 1000 ml of the mixture, depending on the age of the child.

After the main points are completed, you can proceed directly to choosing the right product. The market is represented by a huge assortment of baby food, so you need to know all the nuances to avoid mistakes.

Types of mixtures

There are children's dry mixes in the form of powder (they do not need to be boiled, it is enough to dilute with boiled water) and liquid, which are already completely ready for use.

The following mixtures are distinguished:

  • Adapted. They are the most composition similar to breast milk.

  • Unadapted. Mixes made from the milk of animals that have not undergone special treatment.Such nutrition is contraindicated in children of the first year of life.

Adapted mixtures undergo the same manufacturing process. They are made from cow or goat milk, sometimes manufacturers mix two types at once. All the excess is extracted from the raw material; large protein molecules are broken into small particles so that the intestines of the child can cope with them. The resulting mixture must be enriched with vitamins, bi-phytobacteria, substances that are able to prepare the stomach for the consumption of artificial mixtures.

baby food mix

Type of mixture

Before purchasing the mixture, the pediatrician should give recommendations on which type is preferable for your baby.

  • ordinary - prescribed to children who have no health problems;

  • antireflux - suitable for children prone to abundant regurgitation and bowel problems;

  • fermented milk - for babies suffering from dysbiosis;

  • high-calorie infant formula for premature babies;

  • lactose-free - with individual intolerance to this enzyme.

The range is huge, every parent will be able to find something for the baby that individually suits him.

Choose a mixture, focusing on the age of the crumbs

Baby formula must match the age of the baby, as they represent the composition that is necessary for the child in one or another period of life.

  1. For infants suitable mixture from birth to 6 months. The bank will necessarily indicate the number "1" and the corresponding age.

  2. From 6 months to 1 year old, the baby must be fed with a product with a different composition. The name must contain the number "2".

  3. After a year, the child receives high-grade foods in the form of complementary foods, but still it’s not worth refusing the mixture at this age. It is necessary to search on the shelves jars, labeled with the number "3".infant formula for babies

What is included in the mixtures?

Choosing food for your baby, pay attention to the composition of the infant formula. So, ideally, it should contain:

  • Casein and digested whey proteins. This is the basis, without these components, the child will not gain weight. It should be noted that the mixture for newborns contains whey proteins, and intended for children after 6 months - casein, as for its absorption the intestine must be fully matured.

  • Taurine. A substance that is responsible for the development of the child’s nervous system and vision.

  • Lactose.With this component, iron and calcium are better absorbed in the body of the baby. It is also responsible for ensuring that dysbacteriosis does not occur in the intestines, but there is a normal microflora.

  • Linoleic acid Responsible for the formation of the brain.

  • Probiotics. Normalize the processes occurring in the gastrointestinal tract of the baby, create a favorable microflora, increase the immunity of the child.

  • Starch. Used in anti-reflux products.

In addition to these components, the mixture includes the necessary minerals and vitamins that are essential for good baby food.

infant formula

Infant formula without palm oil: good or bad?

For several years, scientists and medical experts have argued about whether palm oil should be in the mix? An unequivocal answer was received - no. Those supporters who claim that palm acid is found in breast milk and, therefore, necessary as an additive, are mistaken. The structure of this acid in human milk is significantly different in composition from that which can be obtained from the oil.

Baby formula without palm oil - the right choice of parents who care about the health of the baby.Such a substance is not only harmful, but also dangerous for the child. This is especially true of newborns whose intestines are not yet adapted to the full use of food.

Palm acid can cause constipation and colic in a child, leading to intestinal dysbiosis.palm-free baby formulaSuch diseases will have to be treated with medication. Therefore, it is not worthwhile to create problems for oneself, rather carefully study the composition of the mixture and purchase the one that is as close as possible to the mother's milk.

Mom's Choice

Considering the range that offers manufacturers of children's products, you should not get lost and focus only on commercials. There is a rating of mixtures for children of the first year of life, based on feedback from parents of toddlers. The most popular ones are:

  • "Similac". The average cost is 250 rubles. It has a good composition, does not contain palm oil. Enriched with prebiotics and essential vitamins and minerals.

  • "Baby". Cost - 170 rubles. Country of origin - Russia, always in stock. Among the shortcomings can be noted the content of palm oil.

  • "Nanny". Among the shortcomings can be identified high cost - 1200 rubles.The price is justified by the content of the mixture. It consists of vegetable oils, marine fish oil, prebiotics.

  • Hipp. The cost is 260 rubles. For infants and premature babies, you should not choose such baby food. The mixture contains potato starch, which should not be present in the diet of the baby. Of the advantages, we can distinguish a reasonable price, the presence of taurine, lactose and whey.

Choosing infant formula, the prices of which differ, you should not pay attention to the marketing moves taken by one or another manufacturer. Carefully study the composition, consult a pediatrician, and then the food is ideal for the baby.

infant formula

Properly diluted mixture

Before you start feeding the baby with the mixture, you must prepare the dishes (bottle), be sure to rinse and sterilize it, in order to avoid harmful bacteria.

On the jar with the mixture there is an instruction, which must be guided. As a rule, it is enough to put the powder in a small bottle with the help of a measuring spoon, dilute it with boiled water at room temperature and shake well. Before you feed the baby, drip a few drops on the back of your hand, you should not feel discomfort.

baby dry mixThe mixture should not be stored for more than 2 hours at room temperature or more than a day in the refrigerator.

More useful than breast milk is nothing, but if it turned out that it was not possible to properly establish lactation, select only the mixture with a good composition for your baby. You should not save on his health.

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