Analogue "Enterofurila" for children. "Enterofuril": cheap analogue

"Enterofuril" is an antimicrobial agent used to destroy pathogenic microflora in the intestine not only in adults, but also in children. The drug destroys the cell membrane of bacteria such as:

enterofuril analogue

The drug also helps to restore the normal balance of intestinal microflora and has an antitoxic effect. It does not affect destructive beneficial bacteria in the intestine.

The drug is used to prevent acute attacks of diarrhea, restore the normal functioning of the intestine. Available for oral administration in capsule or suspension form.

The use of "Enterofuril" and its effectiveness

The efficacy of the drug has not been proven, since its clinical studies have not been officially conducted. Judging by the reviews of the patients to whom he was prescribed, and the observations of the attending physicians, one can see the beneficial effect of the medicine.When prescribing it individually according to indications, the effect depends on the characteristics of a particular organism.

Initially, the drug was registered in France.

Currently there are the following age limits:

  • 200 mg capsules are allowed for use by adults;
  • 100 mg capsules are recommended for children over six years of age;
  • suspension can be used to treat children older than 2 months.

The only drawback of the drug is its inaccessibility for middle-income people, since its price is quite high. But not everyone knows that by buying this drug, they only pay for the trademark, and not for the contents of the medicine. Possessing all the properties with which Enterofuril is endowed, it is quite realistic to find a cheap equivalent.

Active substance

The main ingredient of the drug that helps fight harmful microbes is Nifuroxazide (Nifuroxazide), which has antimicrobial and antiseptic effects. This is also his international name. Therefore, it is not difficult to find those containing the same substance as Enterofuril, analogues whose price will be significantly lower, while the properties and pharmacological effect will remain at the same level.

Enterofuril analog cheap


"Stopdiar" contains the same active ingredient as "Enterofuril". The analog is cheap, its price is from 170 to 270 rubles, but its effectiveness (the ability to destroy harmful intestinal bacteria and stop diarrhea) is no less.

The drug is available in the form of tablets of 100 mg and suspension in vials of 90 ml. The advantage of the drug is that it is completely harmless, since its action occurs locally. It is not absorbed into the blood, does not enter other systems of the body, but is only excreted through the intestines.

Drug "Enterofuril": instructions for use (analogues - "Stopdiar" tablets, "Stopdiar" -suspension)

"Stopdiar" tablets allowed for use in children from 6 years in the same dosage as in adults: 2 tablets after 6 hours. The duration of treatment depends on the disappearance of the symptoms of diarrhea, the appointment of a doctor, but must be at least 6 days.

analogue of enterofuril for children

Analogue of "Enterofuril" for children is "Stopdiar" in the form of a suspension, which can be applied from 2 months.

Suspension dosage
Age Recommended Dose (ml) Frequency (times / day)
2-6 months 2,5 2
6 months - 6 years 5 3
since 6 years old 5 4

After using the drug, it is allowed to drive vehicles, work with dangerous mechanisms, as it has no effect on the nervous system and consciousness.

Side effects

In connection with the individual characteristics of the body, the drug in rare cases can cause the following reactions:

  • nausea;
  • increased diarrhea;
  • stomach ache;
  • skin rash.

Reactions without treatment go away after a while, so the analogue of Enterofuril, Stopdiar is not required to be canceled.

Enterofuril price analogues cheap

An antibacterial drug should be prescribed with caution to pregnant and lactating women, since the study has not been carried out. It is prohibited to use for the treatment of children in the neonatal period and up to 2 months also Enterofuril-suspension, whose analogues are Stopdiar and Nifuroxazide (suspensions).

Features of treatment

When using the medication for the treatment of diarrhea, it is necessary to prevent dehydration of the body, as well as violation of the salt balance. Therefore, it is recommended to drink plenty of fluids, as well as replenish the salt reserves with oral rehydration solutions (for example, “Regidrona”).

You should also not eat fatty foods, overeat, drink natural fruit juices that promote fermentation in the intestines, which can only increase the symptoms of diarrhea.

Analogue of "Enterofuril", as well as the original drug,It is forbidden to mix with alcohol, so when you take the funds should refrain from the use of beverages with alcohol content. Allowed to use the drug in the complex therapy, it does not interact with other forms, as it acts exclusively in the intestine.

Analogue "Enterofuril" from the group of sulfonamides

There are also drugs that are similar in their characteristics, local antiseptics based on another substance. Analogue of "Enterofuril", which causes the same effect, is "Sulfanilamide", based on sulfanilic acid. Its antimicrobial properties were discovered about 60 years ago.

The active substance of one of the analogues is sulfaguanidine from the group of sulfonamides. This analogue of Enterofuril is produced for children from 6 years of age and for adults in the form of 500 mg tablets. The drug acts as an inhibitor to harmful intestinal microorganisms, providing a high concentration of the substance at the site of localization due to its slow absorbability.

Enterofuril analogues Price

According to the pharmacological action of sulfonamides, and specifically - drugs with the trade names "Ftalazol", "Sulgin", remind "Enterofuril".Analogs are cheaper and much more accessible than their "brother".

The active substance penetrates into the shell of the bacteria, disabling its ability to produce folic acid, which is the main source for its reproduction. The bacterium dies naturally at the end of its life cycle, leaving behind no offspring.

The lack of drug "Enterofuril" - the price. Analogs are cheap - "Sulgin" (costs about 30-160 rubles), "Ftalazol" (the average cost is about 30 rubles).

Instructions for use and features "Sulgin"

Children up to the age of three are allowed to use the drug only in emergency cases and under the supervision of the attending physician.

In acute attacks of dysentery in an extremely serious condition for adults, the drug can be administered in two courses - 6 and 5 days each with a 6-day break.

enterofuril analogues cheaper

In the postoperative period, for the prevention of bacterial complications, the drug is prescribed at 0.5 mg per 1 kg of weight during the week 3 times / day.

Age Recommended Dose (ml) Frequency (times / day)
up to 3 years 3 3
from 3 years old 4 - 7,5 4
since 18 10 - 20 6

It can not be used for the treatment of pregnant and lactating women, newborns, as well as people with hypersensitivity to the components of the drug "Enterofuril" (and its analogue).Cheap drug "Sulgin" is not prescribed to people with diseases of the kidneys, urinary system, liver.

Instructions for use and features "Phthalazole"

The drug is available in the form of tablets of various dosages. The main active ingredient is phthalylsulfathiazole, which is effective in the following situations:

  • food poisoning;
  • infectious diarrhea;
  • dysentery;
  • colitis;
  • as a prophylactic in the pre-and postoperative period.

According to the pharmacological action of drugs with the content of phtanylsulfathiazole, they remind Enterofuril. Analogs are cheaper, but they are no less effective.

Since Phtalazol is poorly soluble in water and well in sodium carbonate, you should drink pills with water with the addition of 2-3 g of baking soda. For this purpose, suitable mineral water with a high content of sodium carbonate.

In severe cases of dysentery and diarrhea, the drug is applied in two courses.

Course 1: Dosage
Reception days Recommended Dose (g) Frequency (times / day)
1 - 2 1 6
3 - 4 1 4
5 1 3

The dose of the accepted medicinal substance for the entire course should not be more than 30 g.

The second course starts no earlier than 6 days after the first one is completed.

Course 2: Dosage
Reception days Recommended Dose (g) Frequency (times / day)
1 - 2 0,6 8
3 1 3

The dose of the drug should not be more than 21 g per course.

For children up to three years, the medication is prescribed at the rate of 200 mg / kg of weight during the day in 3 doses. The course of treatment can be one day, but for severe forms of poisoning and intoxication, it lasts a week.

Children after 3 years of age should increase the dose to 400 - 750 mg / kg.

"Ftalazol" is contraindicated for the treatment of people with acute hepatitis, with bleeding disorders, renal failure, hypersensitivity to phthalylsulfathiazole and other components of the tool. It is forbidden to use it for pregnant women for up to 3 months.

Advantages of "Enterofuril" and its analogues over antibiotics

The main advantage of antimicrobial drugs is that they do not have a pronounced toxic effect on the entire body, therefore it is much safer than antibiotics. Acting localized in the intestine, they effectively kill pathogens. At observance of therapeutic doses, they do not disturb the balance of the natural microflora, do not cause dysbacteriosis.

It is not necessary to buy the original drug for treatment.After all, a huge lack of medicine "Enterofuril" - the price! Analogs are cheap, so they are available to people with an average level of wealth. There are also dozens of drugs with antimicrobial activity from a low price category.

Enterofuril instructions for use analogues

When choosing medical products should pay attention to the country in which they are produced. Foreign medicines will always be much more expensive than medicines from domestic manufacturers. The price of imported goods always includes the cost of delivery, customs duties and certification. The more popular the brand of the company producing the drug, the higher its cost.

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