An uneasy biography of Alla Larionova

biography of larynIt would seem that the life of such a magnificent actress andjust a beautiful woman should be easy and successful. But the biography of Alla Larionova was not so simple. She was born in a fairly well-off family at the time. Her parents met during the Civil War. Later, the father became the director of the district hospital. Dmitry Larionov was an ardent Communist. And my mother had only 4 classes of education and worked in the kindergarten as a manager. When the Great Patriotic War began, my father went to the front, and Alla and her mother were evacuated to a small town Menzelinsk. There, a nine-year-old girl appeared before wounded soldiers in the hospital, she read poetry and sang beautiful songs. In the same hospital lay the wounded Zinovy ​​Gerdt (a few years later they met on the set of the movie "The Conjurer").

Biography of Alla Larionova: the period of mass shootings and the first steps of the future star

The kindergarten, in which the actress's mother worked,In the summer I went to the country house, together with them little Alla went there. One day the children came to the assistant of one of the directors, the one for the shoots needed the children. For a long time they begged Alla's mother to let her go, but she did not agree. The next opportunity to appear under the spotlight appeared in the girl, when she was in the 8th grade. This time, the persuasion of "kinoshnikov" was crowned with success. From now on, the biography of Alla Larionova has been replenished with episodes of the magical world of cinema. On the "Mosfilm" photos of the girl were brought into a special card file and began to invite her to shoot massivok.Alla Larionova biographyAfter graduating from school, Larionova submitted documentssimultaneously in VGIK and GITIS. In the last exam was taken by Andrey Goncharov, a very famous director and educator at the time. Alla was so fascinated by him that she forgot all her text with excitement. Sergei Gerasimov, gaining a course in VGIK, also did not want to take Larionov, he, oddly enough, found it ugly. The wife of the famous director stood up for the girl, and Larionov was admitted to the Institute of Cinematography. Among the freshmen, she was the most pretty girl. Of course, she had many admirers, among whom was Nikolai Rybnikov. With him later biography of Alla Larionova was one for two. But this later, and at first she perceived it only as a friend. How did our domestic star, actress Alla Larionova, shine in the sky of Soviet cinema?

Biography: successes and falls

Alla started shooting as a student. The very first was the role of Lubava in the film "Sadko." The success of this picture was grandiose, it was released in 1952, and already in 1953 the entire film crew of this film was invited to the Venice Festival. "Golden Lion" (the main award of this festival) went to Larionova, and immediately she received proposals from foreign directors. It is clear that the USSR did not let her go anywhere. But right after the festival she got a role in the film "Anna on the neck". The picture was also a great success. Next was the role of Olivia in "Twelfth Night". And already Larionova could not hide from her popularity, the fans watched her everywhere, even near the windows of the basement in which she lived.

Once on the "Lenfilm" came the Minister of CultureAlexandrov, he was very impressed with the actress and decided to look at her. Then Alla Larionova was included in the list of his beloved. Her biography in cinema has since begun to decline. Gossip spread all over the film studio, and nobody understood the lies. And the result was the excommunication of a talented actress from the cinema without any explanation.actress Alla Larionova biography

Biography of Alla Larionova and Nikolay Rybnikov

At first Alla was carried away by Nicholas, but he did not payher attention. And when she stopped thinking about him, Rybnikov suddenly caught fire on her. For 6 years he dreamed of Alla and then decided to conquer it. In January 1957, Larionov and Rybnikov entered into an official marriage. They raised two daughters and lived together for 33 years. Unfortunately, in the 1960s and 1970s, they were removed quite a bit. I had to take even for episodic roles. In 1990, Nicholas passed away, she lived without him for another 10 years. In April 2000, Alla Larionova died of a massive heart attack in her sleep and was buried in the Troekurovoy cemetery next to her Kolya.

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An uneasy biography of Alla Larionova An uneasy biography of Alla Larionova An uneasy biography of Alla Larionova An uneasy biography of Alla Larionova An uneasy biography of Alla Larionova An uneasy biography of Alla Larionova An uneasy biography of Alla Larionova An uneasy biography of Alla Larionova An uneasy biography of Alla Larionova An uneasy biography of Alla Larionova