Alexander Zbruev: filmography, photo

Alexander Zbruev, whose filmographyhas more than 70 films, has become famous mainly for the main roles in the films about the Great Patriotic War. The actor is still actively acting in films, despite the fact that he recently turned 77 years old. How did Alexander start his career and what pictures with his participation are there to see?

early years

Zbruev, whose filmography represents a rather impressive list, was born in 1938. The boy's father worked as a deputy to the People's Commissar for Communications of the USSR. His mother was a hereditary noblewoman.

zbruev filmography Father Zbrueva did not have time to take care of his son: soon after the birth of Sasha he was arrested and shot, and his mother was exiled to the Yaroslavl region together with a baby. In Moscow, only elder brother Alexander, Yevgeny Fedorov, was allowed to live. However, as early as 1943 the Zbruev family again was able to return to their Moscow apartment. So in school little Sasha went to the capital.

Zbruev studied badly, but was fond of boxing. My mother was at a loss, because she did not know which institution it was better to send her son to. The widow of the famous director E. Vakhtangov advised the woman to send Alexander to the Shchukinsky Theater School. Zbruev successfully passed the exams and got into the creative workshop of Vladimir Etush.

Alexander Zbruev: filmography. "My little brother"

Who would have thought that the slacker Sashkawill be a talented actor. Immediately after the end of "Pike" he was invited to work in the theater. Leninist Komsomol. The young man played in plays by such famous theater directors as Mark Zakharov and Anatoly Efros. A year after the end of the school, Alexander was also invited to act in films.

alexander zbruev Zbruev, whose filmography began with the filmingin the drama "My younger brother", I received in the picture of Alexander Zarkhi the role of the central character - Dimka Denisova. The triumph of a novice actor is hard to overestimate, because he cast rounds at actors such as Andrei Mironov and Oleg Dal (they also tried to get to the screen for the first time). In the end they got only the roles of close friends of Dimka Denisov, and Oleg Efremov played Zbruev's older brother.

The main female role in the film went to Lyudmila Marchenko, famous for the films "White Nights" and "Father's Home".

"At a dangerous line"

Zbruev, whose filmography includesvery diverse films, often starred in military paintings. One of his best works is the role of artilleryman Sergei Gromov in the film "At the Dangerous Line" in 1983.

zbruev filmography pictures In the center of the plot of the film is the feat of a group of Soviet scouts, who carry out the most complex commands of the command in the midst of the Great Patriotic War.

One of the main roles - scout Anna -went to Lyubov Virolainen. The actress can also be seen in the paintings "Eternal Call" and "Esperanza". Also along with Zbruevym in the frame appeared such stars of Soviet cinema as Alexander Grave, Ernst Romanov and Eduard Martsevich. The director of the picture was Viktor Georgiev.

"It was the fourth year of the war"

Alexander Zbruev, whose filmography in the 80-ies. was just a string of war films, soon after participating in the project "The Dangerous Line" reappears in the picture dedicated to the Great Patriotic War. This time, the main role of the artist receives in the film George Nikolaenko "It was the fourth year of the war."

According to the plot, the picture takes place in 1944. Hero Zbrueva - the head of the intelligence group Spirin - sent with several comrades for important information to the German special zone. But the group is quickly declassified, scouts have to enter into an unequal battle. Alexandra Spirina is seriously wounded, so he appoints the oldest bandmate Nadezhda Moroz, and instructs them to complete the assignment, and he returns to the bet himself. In the final picture of the task can be accomplished, but all scouts die under certain circumstances.

George Nikolaenko began his directorialcareer in 1979 with a short film "Here ... not far away." In the 2000s, he directed the series "Truckers" with Vladislav Galkin in the title role, and in 2004 he directed the adventure series "Operation Color of the Nation".

"Battalions ask for fire"

Zbruev Alexander Viktorovich, filmographywhich continued to replenish with good military films, in 85-m. is removed in another popular film - "Battalions ask for fire." The actor again received the main role - the artilleryman Boris Yermakov.

zbruev alexandr Viktorovich filmography The events unfold in the backgroundThe Dnieper military operations of 1943. The battalions of the Red Army, trying to execute the received order, get involved in a battle with the Germans, but are deprived of artillery support and get surrounded. Before the main characters of the film is now the most difficult task to get out of this situation.

In the picture of Vladimir Chebotarev "Battalions askfire "was assembled pantheon of the best Soviet artists: Oleg Efremov, Alexander Galibin, Vadim Spiridonov, Igor Sklyar, Nikolai Karachentsov, Borislav Bronudkov and many others. Filming took place in Ukraine, near the town of Fastov.

Alexander Zbruev: filmography, photo. Poor Sasha

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, workAlexander Zbrueva in the movie is not less. He plays in the films "The Desire for Love", "Gold", "You're My One", "Coffee with Lemon" and many others. In 1997, with the participation of the artist, the famous comedy "Poor Sasha" appeared on the screens.

actor Zbruev In the center of the plot is a girl Sasha performed by JuliaChernovoy - who does not want her mother-banker to continue devoting all her time to business development. In her head, the girl has a ripe plan to ruin her own mother so that she gets fired from the bank. In this Sasha the thief-recidivist Vladimir Berezkin in the performance of Alexander Zbruev should help.

The picture is filled with comic and good humor. Together with Alexander Zbruev in the frame appeared Vera Glagoleva, Olga Volkova and Boris Sichkin.

Personal life

Actor Zbruev, whose filmography is still todayreplenished with new films ("The Skin of the Salamander"), often fell in love with his partners on the stage. The first time he married an actress Valentina Malyavina in 1959. In 1967 he married for the second time on actress Lyudmila Savelyeva. She has two daughters from different women.

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