Acyclovir in Pregnancy

Acyclovir is a drug thatspecialists are often appointed when rashes of various kinds appear on the patient's skin. Such formations are possible with a disease called herpes. It can be ordinary, that is, simple, or genital. Genital herpes, of course, is much more complicated than the first kind. However, the pathogens of this viral disease are the same.

Acyclovir during pregnancy can not be used. At least, that's what the instructions for the use of this drug say. But in reality everything is a little different. In reality, doctors and gynecologists quite often prescribe women in the position precisely Acyclovir. During pregnancy and during lactation, this drug can provide a significant help in the treatment of herpes. However, the question of whether to apply it in a particular case or not, needs to be addressed only individually.

As already mentioned above, at presentThere are two main types of viral herpes. This is, above all, simple or simple herpes. This form helps to damage the skin of the lips, eyes and so on. As for the second type, it is the so-called genital or genital herpes. This disease most often affects the genital area of ​​women and men.

Genital herpes always starts the same way. For example, at first a person has an itch, a burning sensation in the genital area. After a short period of time small bubbles adhere to these symptoms. They are grouped in such a way that the focus of inflammation looks like a single whole. This often represents something like a very large and inflamed pimple. However, there are several dozens of very small bubbles inside it, which are filled with a yellowish liquid.

Many people are very mistaken when comparingsimple and genital herpes and taking them for the same disease. Of course, they are similar. However, there is practically no connection between them directly. A person who suffers from regular eruptions on the lips, is not always sick with genital herpes. For example, a test for genital herpes in case of infection with a simple form of the disease and the appearance of rashes on the lips is simply pointless.

Acyclovir in pregnancy is prescribed for anyforms of herpes. However, you will never be able to cure such a disease completely. Specialists, first of all, try to save the patient from its manifestations. As for the blood tests for this disease, they imply the identification of not the virus itself, but special antibodies to it.

During pregnancy, herpes represents a largethreat not only to the health of the mother, but also to the developing fetus. In general, this kind of virus is considered asleep. Experts say that it is always present in the human body. However, this disease can not manifest itself at all. This virus is able to quickly penetrate the fetus through the placenta. There, it multiplies rapidly. This, in turn, often leads to an ordinary miscarriage, the defeat of some vital organs and the inherent shortcomings of the child. The birth canal of a woman must be treated with a special solution in order to reduce the risk of herpes infection of the baby at the time of birth.

Identify any disease, including herpes,can only be done with the help of tests. In addition, specialists can find out how much the virus is active. After conducting all necessary tests, the doctor appoints the treatment that is appropriate and suitable for the future mother. It necessarily includes the described drug. Acyclovir in pregnancy is used by many future mothers. In general, it is believed that he simply was not tested on nursing mothers and women in the position. In any case, it is better to use Acyclovir Ointment during pregnancy. Since its components are much more slowly absorbed into the blood and reach the fetus longer. Acyclovir in pregnancy, in particular, ointment should be used five to six times a day, treating it affected by the virus areas.

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