Actor George Lezhava: biography, films, personal life

Who is George Lezhava? What films was the actor in? What is known about his personal life? Answers to these and other questions can be found in our material.

George Lezhava

Childhood and youth

Georgy Lezhava, whose photo can be seen in the article, was born on May 24, 1984 in Moscow. Born future artist in the family of a writer and musician. From early childhood, parents instilled in his son a love for creative work. It is therefore not surprising that soon the guy began to show artistic abilities. As a child, George Lezhava composed poetic lines, wrote songs that he performed with a guitar, and actively participated in mass events that were organized in kindergarten.

In 1990, the mother of our hero suddenly passed away. The head of the family was very upset by the tragedy. For this reason, the children were sent to the education of their grandparents. Despite the misfortune, the boy did not lose interest in life.Little Georgy Lezhava continued to attend amateur groups, learn to play musical instruments. Moreover, the guy began to seriously get involved in sports.

In 2001, Georgy Lezhava will enter the school-studio, which operated under the Moscow Art Theater. The guy was assigned to the course of the famous stage master Konstantin Raikin. It was on the stage of this theater that the first auditions of George took place as an actor.

Maria Boltneva and George Lezhava

Theatrical activities

In 2003, Georgy Lezhava received an offer to take a place in the acting troupe of the Satirikon Theater. At that time, the guy was a student in recent years at the Moscow Art Theater School. In the theater, our hero played several memorable roles, in particular, he took part in the successful production of The Land of Love. The young artist was widely known for playing roles in “Ay da Pushkin” and “Little Fool”.

Currently, George Lezhava is one of the leading artists of the theater "Satyricon". The actor regularly goes on stage, playing the role of Ray Dooley in the production of “The Queen of Beauty”, Truffaldino in “The Blue Monster”, Elesi in the play “Money”.

actor george lying

Movie debut

In 2011, Lezhava was offered to play in a movie.The debut work of the artist in this field was the participation in the multiseries project “The police say!”. Our hero got the episodic role of drug addict Victor, who takes hostage pharmacy workers in one of the episodes of the series.

In the same year, the actor George Lezhava was invited to the promising television project "Traffic Light". The artist got the role of a character named Igor. In the series, George lingered until 2016.

Today Lezhavy has been shooting more than a dozen successful television projects. Obviously, the actor has not played his main role throughout life. While for an actor, a career on the theater stage is more successful.


At the moment, Lezhava managed to shine in the following television projects:

  • "The police say!"
  • "Traffic light".
  • "Insomnia".
  • "Moscow. Three stations.
  • "All over again".
  • "The right tool."
  • "The sun as a gift."
  • "Operation" Puppeteer "".
  • "The price of love."
  • "Freud's method".
  • "Lyudmila Gurchenko".

The personal life of the artist

In 2010, George met the star of the popular TV series "Capercaillie" Maria Boltneva. The actor began to invite the girl to his performances.The young people began a romantic relationship. Maria Boltneva and George Lezhava began to live together in the artist's personal apartment in Moscow.

George Lezhava photo

A year has passed, and the beloved actor became pregnant. Soon, Maria and George became happy parents of triplets. The boys, who were born in November 2011, were named Andrey, Plato and Timofey.

After the birth of the triplets, the metropolitan government promised Maria the Boltnevaya apartment to the mother of a large family. Lezhava began to state in the press about the preparation for the wedding. After some time, it became known that the actress refuses to marry George. It is likely that the reason was Caucasian roots, hot temperament, as well as the rather difficult character of the artist.

Currently, Boltneva lives in her own two-room apartment, devoting all her free time to bringing up triplets. Sometimes the artist goes on tour. At this time, the babysitter is looking after the children. As for Georgy Lezhavy, the latter maintains a good relationship with the mother of his sons. The actor regularly visits babies, provides Maria with material assistance and intends to take an active part in raising children.

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